No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority [Lysander Spooner] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. But whether the Constitution really be . No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority. December 9, Lysander Spooner. The greatest case for anarchist political philosophy ever written. Narrated by. Treason by Lysander Spooner ยท No. 1.โ†’ Spooner issued three pamphlets carrying the title of No Treason, numbered 1, II, and VI. Spooner.

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A tractate really, but presents a cogent argument. It has been a heavy influence on my own work: The principle of the statute, be it observed, is, not merely that written contracts shall be signed, but also that all contracts, except for those specially exempted โ€” generally those spoonrr are for small amounts, and are to remain in force for but a short time โ€” shall be both written and signed.

And these heads or chiefs are dependent upon the lenders of blood-money for the means to carry on their robberies and murders. Most of them have been dead forty, fifty, sixty, or seventy years.

The burden falls to the poor and the unconnected. And as we can have no legal knowledge as to who the particular individuals are, if there are any, who are willing to be taxed for the sake of voting, we can have no legal knowledge that any particular individual consents to be taxed for the sake of voting; or, consequently, consents to support the Constitution. While we would spioner today that our government would try to live within the restrictions of the constitution, the government of his day had used that document as a justification for slaughtering hundreds of thousands of people.

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In short, the industrial and commercial slavery of the great body of the people, North and South, black and white, is the price which these lenders of blood money demand, and insist upon, and are determined to secure, in return for the money lent for the war.

And they as much deserve to be hunted and killed if they cannot otherwise be got rid of as any slave traders, robbers, or pirates that ever lived.


On general principles of law and reason, it cannot be said that the government has any voluntary supporters at spoondr, until it can be distinctly shown who its voluntary supporters are. Retrieved from ” https: The right of absolute and irresponsible dominion is the right of property, and the right of property is the right of absolute, irresponsible dominion.

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If I gave my oath to anybody, I gave it to other persons than you. His most persuasive argument on this topic is that if the signers of the constitution indeed wished to secure to posterity “the blessings of liberty,” why would they then enslave them to this document, giving them no option but to be bound by it.

And when it is written, and he has had the opportunity to satisfy himself of its precise legal meaning, he is then expected to decide, and not before, whether he will agree to it or not. It will shape and form your thoughts. No Treason Quotes Showing of Representatives are merely tools.

No Treason Quotes by Lysander Spooner

Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Perhaps you will too after reading this book. And a party is at perfect liberty to refuse to deliver a written instrument, after he has signed it. Treasno they doubt his ability to make his murders successful for maintaining his power, and thus extorting money from his people in future, treawon dismiss him unceremoniously as they would dismiss any other hopeless bankrupt, who should want to borrow money to save himself from open insolvency.

In self-defence, he attempts the former.

And they are personally as much unknown to the agents they select, as they are to others. There is no more reason, then, why a man should either sustain, or submit to, the rule of a majority, than of a minority.

Why can so many Americans see the evils of a master owning a slave but can not see the evil in a territorial monopoly of the law without the consent of those who live within those boundaries? How shall we defend ourselves and our property against them? Hence the custom of affixing seals, that has continued to this time.


It is not only plainly impossible, in the nature of things, that they could bind their posterity, but they did not even attempt to lyander them. When these traitors shall have thus been taught our strength and our determination, they will be good loyal citizens for many years, and pay their taxes without a why or a wherefore.

I’ll have to read his other works soon. My will is law: And they expect to repay the loans, if at all, only from the proceeds of the future robberies, which they anticipate it will be easy for them and their successors to perpetrate through a long series of years, upon their pretended principals, if they can but shoot down now some hundreds of thousands of them, and thus strike terror into the rest.

No Treason Quotes

Each one can say for himself:. And we are insane enough spoonfr call this liberty! So these villains, who call themselves governments, well understand that their power rests primarily upon money. I would hate to have been on the receiving end of any of his writings. The two highlights of this book for me was when he compared the government to a robber and when he explained the illegitimacy of the constitution.

The People are offered two choices, the ballot which is highly rigged or the bullet. And by what right are so many atrocities committed by its authority? They also, by unequal taxation, exempt wholly or partially the property of these loan-mongers, and throw corresponding burdens upon those who are too poor and weak to resist. Spooner, of course, was also an anarchist.

If spooenr be said that the consent of the most numerous party, in a nation, is sufficient to justify the establishment of their power over the less numerous party, it may be answered: Spooner, writing inheavily criticizes the constitution.

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