Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. Anthropologist and naturalist Loren Eiseley blends scientific knowledge and imaginative vision in this story of man. Loren Eiseley (September 3, – July 9, ) was an American anthropologist, educator, . Consider the case of Loren Eiseley, author of The Immense Journey, who can sit on a mountain slope beside a prairie-dog town and imagine. Anthropologist and naturalist Loren Eiseley blends scientific knowledge and imaginative vision in this story of man.

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By the time we read these words we have come to realize that Eiseley is not just Simply the most beautiful science writing I have ever read. Publishers Weekly referred to him as “the modern Thoreau. Loren Eiseley – The Immense Journey and others. Anyhow, something called to him, and he went. According to his obituary in the New York Timesthe feeling and philosophical motivation of the entire body of Eiseley’s work was best expressed in one of his essays, The Enchanted Glass: At my feet a raw prairie wind had swept the ice clean of snow.

The Immense Journey

In a chapter entitled ‘One Night’s Dying,’ Eiseley said to me: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I had shed my clothes and was floundering mourney in a hole among some reeds when a great desire to stretch out and go with this gently insistent water began to pluck at me. I thought of all this, standing jougney in the water, feeling the sand shifting away under my toes.


The Immense Journey by Loren Eiseley | : Books

We are like Loren Eiseley’s moth, blundering from light to light, unable to discern the great play that blazes under the opera tent. It got a little racist in the middle there, and I think it is a good example of how far anthropology has come and where it came from.


The story leaves this image of their last night alive: What is important, he says, is that each person have such a wilderness, and see—truly see—what wonders exist there. Darwin and the Mysterious Mr.

It makes you want to go out and dig for bones; it makes you want to go into wilderness and just listen.

I, too, was a microcosm of pouring rivulets and floating driftwood gnawed by the mysterious animalcules of my own creation.

Loren Eiseley Average rating: I touched my margins with the delicacy of a crayfish’s antennae, and felt great fishes glide about their work.

Each essay has its own profound lesson, and is written by a scientist who also happens to be a poet. He smiled to himself at the thought of someone who would dance to the day, and so, he walked faster to catch up. I will ask once more in what way it is managed, that the simple dust takes on a history and begins to weave these unique and never recurring apparitions in the stream of time.

Jul 19, Jamie rated it it was amazing Shelves: A hurried glance had revealed no signs of life. It is needless to add that he wrote before Einstein His sizable audience should welcome the latest voyage in search of the secret springs of creativity – evolutionary, cosmic, mental – as a muted adumbration of temporal mortality.

LES Board of Directors. Like the charmed fairy circle into which a man once stepped, and upon emergence learned that a whole century had passed in a single night, one can never quite define this jiurney but it has something to do, I am sure, with common water. No utilitarian philosophy explains a snow crystal, no doctrine of use or disuse.


Just a moment while we sign eiseldy in to your Goodreads account. This essay, now 60 years old, holds up admirably even if some of the evolutionary science is dated. These admissions have sparked much controversy within the academic discipline of ecocriticism, the study of literature and environment. There can be no question that Loren Eiseley maintains a place of eminence among nature writers. Notes Of An Alchemist 4. The glade filled with their soft rustling and their cries.

While I was sitting one night with a poet friend watching a great opera performed in a tent under arc lights, the poet took my arm and pointed silently.

It can assume forms of exquisite perfection in a snowflake, or strip the living to a single shining bone cast up by the sea. A God-damned freak, and life is never going to be easy for you. Enter the storyteller on horseback, riding languidly across the prairie until he sees something. Consider the case of Loren Eiseley, author of The Immense Journeywho can sit on a mountain slope beside a prairie-dog town and imagine himself back in the dawn of the Age of mammals eighty million years ago: I was going to undergo a tremendous adventure.

For that without organization life does not persist is obvious. Open Preview See a Problem?

His contemporaries failed to see the duality of the man, confusing the deep, wise voice of Eiseley’s writings with his own personal voice.

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