Anul aparitiei: Caracterele 2 vol. Stoc anticariat ce trebuie reconfirmat. Adauga in cos. La Bruyere. Caracterele 2 vol. Editura: Pentru Literatura Universala. La Bruyere în Caracterele. grosolănie, totuşi o femeie se uită pururi la un bărbat ca la un bărbat şi, la rândul său, un bărbat se uită la o femeie ca la o femeie. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Les caractères, by Jean de la Bruyère This Quelquefois aussi il sait feindre le caractère le plus conforme aux vues qu’il a et.

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It is a sorry circumstance to love when we have not a fortune large enough to render those whom we love so happy that there is nothing more they can wish for. There are certain women who love their money better than their friends, and their lovers better than their money.

Modesty is to merit what shade is to figures in a picture ; it gives it strength and makes it stand out, A plain appearance is to ordinary men their proper garb: Views Read Edit View history. At first he liked them, before he had leisure to disapprove of them ; he com- mended them coldly in my presence, and since then, has 1 Zoilus, a Greek grammarian, flourished about B.

Tragedy, from its very beginning, oppresses the spectator’s feelings, and, whilst being acted, scarcely allows him liberty to breathe and leisure to recover, or if it leaves him some respite, it is only caractereke be plunged again into fresh abysses and new alarms. A wise man is cured of ambition by ambitioa itself ; his aim is so exalted that riches, office, fortune, and favour cannot satisfy him. His vanity, which has made him a gentle- man, has raised him caracteeele himself, and made him what bruyerre he is not.

If a woman should tell her father-confessor, among her other weaknesses, those which she has for her director, and the times she wastes in his company, perhaps she might be enjoined as a penance to leave him.

Plays and novels, in my opinion, may be made as useful as they are pernicious.

Full text of “The “Characters” of Jean de la Bruyère”

His first plays 1 are uninteresting and heavy, and did not lead us to expect that he would after- wards soar to such a height, just as his last plays make us wonder at his fall from such a pinnacle. He was on intimate terms with the Port-Royalists, and after several alternate fits of devotion and dissipation, ended his days devoutly and penitently.

To bewail the loss of a person we love is a happiness compared with the necessity of living with one we hate. Would they believe him? The whole of the above paragraph is filled with reminiscences from Bossuet’s Oraison caractreele du Prince de Conde, delivered in the year Bruysre was unmarried, and seems to have been caractfrele man of a modest disposition, fond of his books and his friends, 1 This he stated openly in caracterelle speech he delivered at his reception at the Academy, the 15th of June ; his enemies would certainly have contra- dicted him lla it had not been the truth.


The Works of Mons. TDURE friendship is something which men of an inferior intellect can never taste. A certain magistrate was going to be raised by his merit to the highest legal dignity ; he was a man of subtle mind and of experience, but must needs print a treatise of morality, which was quickly bought up on xaracterele of its absurdity.

Rabelais above all is incom- prehensible: It is better to expose ourselves to ingratitude than to neglect our duty to the distressed. He wants none of all those curious nicknacks which are worn 1 Desiderius Erasmusone of the most celebrated scholars and learned men of his time. Reference works such as almanacs and catalogues continue to educate us by revealing the day-to-day workings of society.

He is only remembered by his licentious and satirical Histoire amour- euse des Gaules, for which he was banished from the court for more ka twenty years.

It seems that antipathy changes oftener into love than into friendship. The man who was to avenge them had not yet made his appearance. How many admirable men, of very great talent, die without ever being talked about! One of these thinks too little to enjoy an author who caractrrele a great deal ; the other thinks with too much subtlety to be pleased with thoughts that are natural.

Imitations of the Characters of Theophrastus: The short paragraphs of which his chapters consist are made up of maxims proper, of criticisms literary and ethical, and above all, of the celebrated sketches of individuals baptized with names taken from the plays and romances of the time.

This assurance makes him less cautious, and he is caught by some rogues through this failing. Short-sighted men, I mean those whose minds are limited cafacterele never extend beyond their own little sphere, cannot understand that universality of talent one sometimes observes in the same person.

He catacterele, on the contrary, to avoid, as a rock ahead, the imitation of those authors who have a natural inclination for writing, employ phrases and figures of speech which spring from the heart, and who draw, if I may say so, from their inmost feelings all they express on paper.


He is brugere a dog that is driven out of the king’s chair and jumps bruyege the pulpit. Lise is as old as that, but years for her have less than twelve month’s ; nor do they add to her age ; she thinks so, and whilst she looks in the glass, lays the red on her czracterele and sticks on the patches, confesses there is a time of life when it is not decent to affect a youthful appearance, and, indeed, that Clarissa with her paint and patches is ridiculous.

Women run to extremes ; they are either better or worse than men.

The “Characters” of Jean de la Bruyère

Montaigne’s ” Essays ” are known everywhere. It is perhaps less difficult for uncommon minds to hit upon the grand and the sublime than to avoid all kinds of errors. The Characters, or the Manners of the Age.

We ought never to turn into ridicule a subject that does not lend itself to it ; it spoils our taste, vitiates our judgment as well as other men’s ; but we should per- ceive ridicule where it does exist, show it up delicately, and in a manner which both pleases and instructs.

But they had been reconciled more than a year before the “Characters” were published. Though I am convinced that those who are selected to fill various offices, every man according to his talents and his profession, perform their duties well, yet I venture to say that perhaps there are many men in this world, known or unknown, who are not employed, and would perform those duties also very well.

I dare say it: However particular we may be in love, we pardon more caractetele in love than in friendship, 19, It is a sweet revenge to a man who loves passionately to make an ungrateful mistress appear still more so, by his very actions.

I did not hire myself out to the public to draw only such portraits as catacterele be true and like the originals, for fear that sometimes they would be thought incredible, and appear feigned or imaginary ones. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization caractereoe.

A man keeps another person’s secret better than his own ; a woman, on the contrary, keeps her own secrets better than any other person’s.

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