Ilija Garašanin: Ilija Garašanin, statesman and administrator of Serbia who was twice In he wrote a memorandum entitled Nac̆ertanije (“Draft Plan”). Abstract: The draft of Serbian foreign policy, written by Ilija Garasanin, still provokes In appendix is the new translation of Nacertanije by the author. An English translation is also available in P. N. Hehn, “The Origins of Modern Pan-Serbianism – The Nacertanije of Ilija Garasanin: An Analysis and.

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In his Paris office Czartoryski also received a group of Serbian students – the first generation of state scholarship holders sent to study in France in They informed him about the political situation in Serbia and extended to him greetings from the Constitutionalists You can make it easier for us ioija review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind.

Načertanije – Wikipedia

From garssanin numerous reports by his agents on the Illyrians and their leader Ljudevit Gaj, Czartoryski might have drawn the conclusion that their ultimate goal was to create a common South Slavic state under the leadership of Serbia The second important source of the Serbian national programme was the Plan for Serbia’s Slavic Policy.

They organized a branched network of secret diplomatic strongholds, financially and politically supported by French and British diplomacy 7. After that, Alexander Karadjordjevic officially became the new Prince. The second point of contention is related to the question about the political implications of the plan: Thank you for your feedback. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context.

The main precondition for the future unification of the Serbs and ancertanije Croats was disintegration of the Habsburg Empire along national lines which, after the defeat of the Austrain army in Italy and Germany, seemed possible if only for a while. The Conseilswritten in Januarywere the general political basis of Serbian foreign and internal policies, aimed at creating a powerful Southern Slavic state around Serbia in the future.


Prince Milos also knew what the Yugoslav framework meant for the settlement of the Serbian question. Serbiacountry in the west-central Balkans. Nacertanije has two main sources: In his efforts to limit Russian influence, Prince Milos turned, for the support and advice, to Colonel Hodges, the British consul in Belgrade. All attempts to deceive Russia and to convince her that the present government will follow her plan, would be foredoomed to failure.

Biblioteka Czartoryskich, Krakow, Ms.

Ilija Garašanin

Then the Belgrade government would open its agencies in Bosnia, Herzegovina and Bulgaria, and finally, it would get connected with the Serbs in southern Hungary presently Vojvodina. In Belgrade, Zach often spoke to Garasanin about the position of the Slavs in Turkey and Austria and the conditions required for their national awakening and afterwards, for their political union around Serbia.

He died in Nacetranije in Inclusion was a precondition for social stability of the large state he wanted to forge. I, Beogradpp. You can suggest to your library or institution to subscribe to the program OpenEdition Freemium for books.

As early as the times of Karadjordje the main problem of both Serbia’s internal and foreign policies, was the serious interference of Russian diplomacy and its desire to subject Serbia to its own strategic interests in Southeastern Europe.

Urquhart’s report on Serbia to the Foreign Office in contained suggestion that Serbia should be freed from Russia’s influence and, with the support of Paris and London, made the centre around which the neighbouring Slavic nations would rally. He enjoyed esteem in France, and it was due to him that France proposed to the peace conference of Paris that the old constitutiongranted to Serbia by Turkey as suzerain and Russia as protector inshould be replaced by a more modern and liberal constitution, framed by a European international commission.

In order that Serbia could be freed from the influence of the two powers, it had to seek the support from France and Great Britain.


It is Russia that they look upon as the power which wishes and can do the most for their liberation. Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of From Garasanin’s Nacertanijethe Old Radicals led by Nikola Pasic also inherited a rational attitude towards Russian support of Serbian national goals – it was they who were using Russia’s support of the Serbian goals without allowing to be used for Russian goals. It was written at a time shortly following the restoration of some political stability after more than a decade of internal strife: With the consent of Paris and London, the Poles directed all their efforts towards a long-term obstruction of the plans of Russia and Austria – the two empires which, along with Prussia, partitioned Poland.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Herzeg, IlirizamBeograd, Lucap.

Kovcezic za istoriju jezika i obicaja Srba sva tri zakona, vol. Instead of undefined aspirations llija unrealistic plans, conceived as a simultaneous series of national insurrections, national unification became quite pronouncedly a state programmewhere the bearer of the national action was the State – a strong, enlightened, secularized and modernly organized one.

Austria cannot now do otherwise than to assist her and seek something for herself, as she did at the partition of Poland. Recent naceratnije has shown that David Urquhart, a diplomat and publisher, Secretary of the British Embassy in Constantinopleseems to have had a certain impact on the shaping of Czartoryski’s policy towards the Balkans Slavs.

For this reason, Russia acts through others to accomplish what she is unable to attain directly. Results per book Results per chapter.

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