Sebald particularly praised Der Untergang, Hans Erich Nossack’s account of the July firebombing of Hamburg, which was included in a. Buy Der Untergang by Hans Erich Nossack (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Hans Erich Nossack (30 January – 2 November ) was a German writer . Among his works are Spätestens im November (), Der jüngere Bruder.

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The true stories of Hamburg’s undoing. Nossack describes what it was like to escape the bombing of Hamburg at the end of the second World War – the shock of having one’s world destroyed, of trying to grasp the incomprehensible.

Understand that this is a reflection of my tastes in literature. But having a truly historical vision is to understand that past events were never mere steps along the teleological path to the present. Everything a memoir erihc be. Where now is your deed?

There is something consoling jossack it, but it is precisely that consolation that makes us feel naked and helpless, at nnossack mercy of a force that wants to destroy us. Feb 18, Nick rated it liked it Shelves: Literarische Zeugnisse zum Feuersturm. The poet told some fibs and half-truths about himself—a sterner judge would call them lies—in several letters, a speech, and occasional articles.

To ask other readers questions about The Endplease sign up. To call the Event metaphysical, atemporal, and ahistorical is to say that it must have happened and thus, to deny the possibility that we could have avoided it.

I hadn’t ever thought about the sound that planes make, “like an oppressive weight. Trivia About The End: Oct 27, Catie rated it it was amazing. With a erih record of typical modes of death, or with behaviorist studies of the instincts of flight and homecoming?


Nossack’s The End: Caught in the Middle

To deny an event its past is to make it appear as if it were fate, to destroy the linearity of the causal timeline so that events appear as expressions of Necessity. They brought with them an uncanny silence. HIs emotions felt very real and the descriptions were vivid. Sebald practically said as much himself in Air War and Literature. Apparently he was so overwhelmed by what he had seen that he was unable to deliver the article.

There are passages that might be termed mystical or surreal because they depart from the plane of realistic description altogether.

Nossack’s The End: Caught in the Middle | Vertigo

If there had been such a little something, how we would have caressed it; it would have been imbued with the essence of all the other things. It was the sound of eighteen hundred airplanes approaching Hamburg from the han at an unimaginable height.

Oct 23, TK rated it it was amazing Shelves: They tried to reach out to each other, but their hands did not meet. Dec 09, angela rated it it was amazing Shelves: Untergng I say music I mean Bach’s Air or something like that.

One may ask for more, but this truly is just a snapshot of an event and the unterganh. Nossack is a writer who lived in Hamburg when it was destroyed by allied bombers in With a pathographical record of typical modes of death, or with behaviorist studies of the instincts of flight and homecoming?

Hans Erich Nossack

This slim volume, which includes a foreword by Joel Agee also translator and photos by Erick Andres, packs a punch. Why are there no smells on the stairs any longer? And yet there was an immediate recognition: Maybe even more than the very fine essay in this book, I appreciate the unterganh given to it.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The book is a short book and delves a great deal into the feelings of the author and people he met coping with the devastation of their lives after this singular event. He wrote his uuntergang four months after the events in November and was clearly still in shock. Apr 16, Colin Nodsack rated it it was amazing. Nossack spoke of the bombing of Hamburg as a new beginning for him, both personal and artistic.

I had not realized this book was in English. This would be unobjectionable if he did not also chide him, in passing, for not adhering consistently to this unterganng program.

Great worthwhile read that will only take you a day or two to finish. Sep 18, Sal Valdez rated it really liked it.

Let us cast this visage as a constellation into the sky, to remind us of our last chance before everything turns into a faceless mass. A searing firsthand account of one of the most notorious events of World War II, The End is also a meditation on war and hope, history and its devastation.

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