Apr 28, Guthrie Govan – Shawn Lane style licks lesson. When you want to play altered jazz guitar lines over a dominant 7th chord, there is an easy and efficient good option which consists of playing a major triad. [MEDIA] “There will never be another Shawn Lane” Govan did a series of lessons on Shawn’s style in a UK guitar mag a fw years ago iirc.

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Death Metal, black metal, speed metal, metalcore, djent, etc are just extremes of the genre, and the problem with them, is as you approach these extremes you lose the musicality and replace them with 1 or more lessn the following three things, speed, screams, and subject matter.

He knows how to keep the money coming in where many other shredders failed or changed their game.

He is definitely in the upper echelon of technical players, but I don’t think he is shadn a league of his own” as far as technique goes. If you prefer one of another it is more an issue of what you enjoy hearing in music. What do you think about the modelling guitar amplifiers like the Axe FX, Kemper profiling digital amplifier, Guitar Rig etc.?

I cannot miss him if Guthrie comes to India again! I just dont see the musicality in playing that way. I’m not trying to downplay any of his ability, but the hair tie muting the strings helps out guthrke lot for that routine in the first video, without one it wouldn’t sound like much of anything. Fast passages can evoke emotion just as much at least in those of us who like guthrje as Jimi Hendrix doing a soulful bend.

Conlon Nancarrowfor instance, invariably wrote stuff which nobody can play… and why not? Share This Page Tweet.

Keep it light and keep the lesson moving bc their attention span is usually short. I still love, I’m just sayin.


It is quite intimidating trying to get into Buckethead’s works and just seeing so many albums. RaptureSep 12, He is very technically strong, but that’s not why he is good, imo. A list like that would mutate on an hourly basis! What is even weirder is that I cant listen to enough Buckethead.

Personally, I stopped actively listening to him when I started getting into more electronic music, so I’m a bit rusty on the more obscure bits of his catalog. Remember that everyone is a beginner at some point. Please add a detailed description to posts and titles.

Which i really liked. Seen him live many times.

We are not here to make you more popular. Is there anything else you would like to achieve in music?

Guthrie Govan

I never said that I said it wasn’t my thing, Big difference, but i guess a child like you cant get over being butthurt enough to actually read. Govan is constantly on a search for a melody, all his monster techniques are just instruments in this search. Giant Robot Albino Slug Of course there’s a lot more, but that’s enough to get you started. Sshawn I’d have to disagree. BrainArtSep 12, If you do not agree with something someone else said, please either have shaen polite discussion or do not comment at all.

I was truly blown away. No, that’s not how that works. What’s impressive to me about him and Paul Gilbert is their continued growth. I know there are more schools of thought – but when it comes to little ones do it right IMO. I have to try — rightly or wrongly, my natural instinct is to freak out a little bit whenever I see that everyone in the front row is filming, and that instinct would undoubtedly have an adverse effect on my playing if I allowed it to… Luke: I think there are other guitarists at his level of technical ability, but it’s the top level Tosin Abasi springs to mind for one.


Guthrie is one of the best of our generation. He also shows that blues guys etc should not play fast, use the phrasing and emotion, because playing fast for fasts sake is just stupid and he agrees, So many people just play fast and dont give their music a chance to breathe and come up for air.

Cool Guthrie Govan lesson on Shawn Lane style licks |

It’s something I actually enjoy listening govam as music rather than as a display of talent. I think it has less to do with technical ability than comfort. He also has amazing phrasing, and seems to care more about the melody and how it interacts with the song than just playing fast to ‘show off. XaiosSep 12, There is no point giving a 5 year old ms word and calling it handwriting. All three are a good place to start.


EVH still has it going on and he might be in the best shape of his life now, hard to believe. To be fair, I can understand why any rational music fan would prefer to acquire a product for nothing rather than paying for it — economically speaking, who could fail to find that appealing? Our youngest learner is 5 but I would not go younger really In my experience, kids below 5 don’t have the attention or understanding you need to know some letters a be able to relate them to notes or basic one finger positions If you tube a guitar to an open chord for a young one – you are starting them off with bad habits which are going to be really hard to fix in the long run.

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