Funeral Ikos. John Tavener. K. Funeral Ikos Tracklist. 1 Ikon of Light / Funeral Ikos / Carol: The Lamb. Show all albums by John Tavener. Info on the recording by Peter Phillips and The Tallis Scholars of music by Sir John Tavener. Find composition details, parts / movement information and albums that contain performances of Funeral Ikos, for chorus on AllMusic.

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Wherefore, again and 0ft we say: Thou only art immortal, who hast created and fashioned man. For like the grass doth beauty fade, and man is but allured therewith. Naught is so easily forgot as mortal from his brother-mortal parted.

Or have they forgotten all those who mourn them and make the song: If in this life the naked thou hast clothed, the same shall give thee shelter there, and sing the psalm: With ecstasy are we inflamed if we but hear that there is light eternal yonder; That there is Paradise, wherein every soul of Righteous Ones rejoiceth.

Shall we there again together say the psalm: Introspection Late Night Partying. All youth is fallen to dissolution there; there all the flower of life is faded ; i,os are dust, and ashes, and worms; there all is silent ; and there no man saith: If journeying from a home-land we stand in need of guides, what shall we do when forth we fare to a land to us still funedal unknown?

For there are the dread accusers; there, also, the books are opened. The John Tavener Collection.

Funeral Ikos, for chorus

He was all agitated, and trembled greatly when the hour was come, and cried, O father, help me! Newer Post Older Post Home. But whither I funeal, that understand I not, neither what shall become of me yonder; only God who hath summoned me knoweth.


The Best of John Tavener. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. I first heard this piece in aroundon September 11, at a memorial service for that day.

But when ye shall sing these things make mention, now and then, of me whom ye have known. A Year at Tewkesbury. Tavener’s quest for eternal value led him to convert to Russian Orthodoxy inand much of his music since then has reflected its musical and rituals and those of the Byzantine Church from which it sprang. Funeral Ikos First line:. If thou hast shown mercy unto man, o man, that same mercy shall be shown thee there; and if on an orphan thou hast shown compassion, that same shall there deliver thee from want.

The text consists of the Greek Church’s funeral sentences, translated into English by Isabel Hapgood. Armonico ConsortChristopher Monks conductor. We go forth on the path eternal, and as condemned, with downcast faces, present ourselves before the only God. The great British composer Benjamin Britten – mentioned the younger composer John Tavener fjneral as representing a ikkos generation of composer that was rejecting the then-current avant-garde’s rejection of the past.

His Funeral Ikos, for six-part vocal ensemble, uses Byzantine church modes and Renaissance polyphony as well as other imitative forms such as canons to create reflection, meditation, and a sense of stillness. Why dost thou untimely vex thyself, O man! Monday, June 22, Funeral Ikos.

TenebraeNigel Short conductor. Yet one hour, and all things shall pass away. The Essential John Tavener on Naxos.

Gimell | John Tavener – Ikon of Light – Funeral Ikos – The Lamb

Where then is the glory of this world? Why speakest thou not, as thou wert wont to speak, but holdest thus thy peace who before with us didst say: But whither now- go the souls?

If thou hast ikoa mercy unto man, O man, that same mercy shall be shown thee there; and if on an orphan thou hast shown compassion, the same shall there deliver thee from want.


None of the dwellers yonder have returned to life to tell us howthere they fare, our erstwhile brethren and our offspring gone before us to the Lord. Tavener is a British convert from Presbyterianism to Eastern Orthodoxy, and writes music for the liturgy; he’s a complete genius, I think. This mystery have I desired to learn, but none can impart aright.

Shall we see our brethren fueral How many suddenly are snatched even from the plighting of their troth, and united by a bond eternal ; and without avail have made their moan unending, and have not risen from that bridal chamber! Many leaders jkos thou then require, many prayers to accompany thee, to save the wretched sinner’s soul; until thou come to Christ and say to him: Fare ye well, 0 my friends, my children.

In thought I implore ye, hearken unto me: Do they call to mind their own people, as we do them? Accompany ye the dead, 0 friends, and come ye to the grave with heed, and there gaze ye steadfastly, with understanding; and make ready your feet.

We go forth on the path eternal, and as condemned, with downcast faces, present ouselves before the only God eternal. Welcome to Hyperion Records, an independent British classical label devoted to presenting high-quality recordings of music of all styles and from all periods from the twelfth century to the twenty-first. Be silent, that the soul may issue forth in peace. Where then is comeliness?

As said job unto his friends, so sayI also unto you:

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