By this point, Fantomina claims she is in love with Beauplaisir, and would do anything to engage in intercourse with him again. Fantomina makes excuses to her. Love as sentiment and love as a sexual response are two sides of the same coin. Both are intertwined in Eliza Haywood complex relationship. Eliza Haywood begins this turbulent tale with a charming first sentence: “Nothing is so generally coveted by Womankind, as to be accounted Beautiful; yet.

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Fantomina; or, Love in a Maze

Goes to show you how much fantonina plod through without even giving it so much as a second glance. Three or four Times did she open her Mouth to confess her real Quality; but the influence of her ill Stars prevented it, by putting an Excuse into her Head, which did the Business as well, fantomuna at the same Time did not take from her the Power of seeing and entertaining him a second Mazze with the same Freedom she had done this.

Without giving away the entire storyline, “Fantomina” is the story of how the main character, simply known as the Lady, goes on a masquerade of different women in order to continue her relationship with the man she is interested in.

She then informed me that it couldn’t be that smutty, because it was so old.

Fantomina: Or, Love in a Maze.

The truth is revealed to him through the protagonist’s mother. I actually am left a bit curious unfortunately. Women of prosperous upbringing in classic literature are often portrayed inexperienced in love and are made out to be innocent and virginal. This mysterious woman disguises herself in many personas to deceive and seduce a man of her interest. The direct concept of gender as the distinction between male and female is the main idea of fantomina.

Love expresses itself differently as the Lady changes roles and so does she. Also if you like lovs films like The Crush, or Fatal Attraction, except this story does not end in death…. Dressed as a country maid, she obtains employment at the inn where he is staying, taking the name Celia. Mmaze VERY Thing being ordered at this Home for the Security of her Reputation, she repaired to the other, where she easily excused to an unsuspecting Aunt, with whom she boarded, her having been abroad all Night, saying, she went with a Gentleman and his Lady in a Barge, to a little Country Seat of theirs up the River, all of them designing to return the same Evening; but that one of the Bargemen happ’ning to be taken ill on the sudden, and no other Waterman to be got that Night, they were oblig’d to tarry till Morning.


This new and popular genre of literature explored romance and sex, in a way that was new and exciting. She had often seen him in the Drawing-Room, had talk’d with him; but then her Quality and reputed Virtue kept him from using her with that Freedom she now expected he wou’d [Page ] do, and had discover’d something in him, which had made her often think she shou’d not be displeas’d, if he wou’d abate some Part of his Reserve.

From thence she wrote to him, in a different Hand, a long Letter of Complaint, that he had w so cruel in not sending one Letter to her all the Time he had been absent, entreated to see him, and concluded with subscribing herself his unalterably Affectionate Fantomina. Till then I am.

The writing is “eh” and it is very repetitive. This page was last edited on 25 Novemberat At first he promises to look after the child, but then, by the mother’s choice, is “ensued from these Civilities” [12] and leaves the infant with her.

The complexity of Love in Fantomina: or, Love in a Maze by E. Haywood.

The story follows a protagonist who takes on several different identities oor order to arrest the attention and win the heart of Beauplaisir; A stereotypical brutish womanizer. In the Morning she sent for the Woman of the House to come up to her; and easily perceiving, by her Manner, that she was a Woman who might be influenced by Gifts, made her a Present of a Couple of Broad Pieces, and aa her, that if the Gentleman, who had been there the night before, should ask any Questions concerning her, that he should be told, she was lately come out of the Country, had lodg’d there about a Fortnight, and that her Name was Fantomina.


The protagonist plots this encounter carefully and Beauplaisir’s every reaction is drawn from him by her manipulation, but the lover believes he has ravished her in spite of some protest on her part.

Fantomina so obviously challenges the standing ideas of what desire looks like and who it can come from. In fine, her Habit and her Air were so much chang’d, that she was not more difficult to be known in the lovs Country Girlthan she was now in the sorrowful Widow.

Fantomina – Wikipedia

Eliza Haywood really gets you thinking and it is always a pleasure to gain further insight into the a woman’s role as it was conceived at the time of publication. Innocence is not only limited to sexuality, it is also bound to a characters morals.

She could not help testifying her Contempt of Men, who, regardless either of the Play, or Circle, threw away their Time in such a Manner, to some Ladies that sat by her: Bloomer appeared to need an assistance from our highlighted male to safely arrive to London to collect her inheritance money before her deceased family members.

Mar 10, Natasha rated it liked it. The story is complicated by the fact that Fantomina’s first encounter with Beauplaisir occurs when she pretends to be a prostitute. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

This sharply contrasts the wits that are necessary to fool him, which Fantomina demonstrates. In order to follow her new lust interest she creates a new persona: The one important societal condition to the Lady is the respect of her family name. She keeps her mysterious air by wearing a mask and meeting with him only in the dark.

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