x58 classified 4-way manual by T04dSt0n3d – Thursday, June 17, PM. Re:x58 classified X4 W PSU PNY GTS MB DDR3 2x SLI. #1. EVGA’s X Classified 4-Way SLI Edition is a perfect match. To enable 4-Way SLI flip the drivers and you are ready for 4-Way SLI action. X-Cool. This is for. After removing the EVGA X58 SLITM Classified from its packaging, place it on to a nonconductive surface. For For the latest drivers and updates for your.

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Connecting Cables and Setting Switches In most cases, it is recommended to secure the motherboard using a minimum of nine 9 spacers. Detailed descriptions of the BIOS parameters are also provided. Note that the weekday Sun through Sat cannot be changed. Page 81 If interrupt occurs in protected mode.

Use the Page Up and Page Down keys to scroll through dates and times. This value changes the CPU Frequency value depending on the value you choose. Connect the blue connector the cable end with a single connector to the motherboard.

Extreme Cooling When using Liquid Nitrogen you need to enable this function to make sure the system can run stable. The CD will autorun, install the drivers and utilities listed on the install screen.


Debug LED Display If interrupt occurs in protected mode. Or point us spi the URL where the manual is located.

Preparing The Motherboard It is a good idea to save the cover so that whenever you remove the CPU, you have a safe place to classivied it. Correctly setting the BIOS parameters is critical to maintain optimal system performance. Please remember to do this when PC is not running. Tagged with a USD sales price this motherboard seem to be very impressive.

Designed for the overclocking addict!

The front Audio supports re-tasking function. To go back to the previous menu, press Esc.

So yes, you could go for four graphics adapters with this bad boy if you desire that of course. Remove the 4 jumpers.

Intel X58 Express Chipset Motherboard Be sure to inspect each piece of equipment shipped in the packing box. Installing the CPU Fa n This section includes the following information: If anything is missing or damaged, contact your reseller.

EVGA X58 Classified 4-Way SLI Specifications

Intel X58 Express Chipset Motherboard Power on the computer. We’ll cover the motherboard from A to Z, and to spice it up a little I’ll slap on some water-cooling and overclock our processor towards 4.


Select On to activate the keyboard NumLock when the system is started. Note that Sat, Jul 01 Backpanel connector edge Before plug these two power connection, please make sure your power supply support two 8-pin ATX 12V differential output. Use the keys to scroll through the options or press Page Down sub-menu. There must be at least one memory bank populated to ensure normal operation. Tell us about it. Secure the bracket to either the front or rear panel of your chassis.

x58 classified 4-way manual – EVGA Forums

The CD will autorun, install evya drivers and utilities listed on the install screen. When the system is turn off status, the LED is off. The topics covered in this section are: Installing the CPU Fan The cable should fit into the area high-lighted in green. Don’t have an account? The options are Auto, Enabled and Disabled.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. When the system is power on status, the LED is on.

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