c) Estertores crepitantes y subcrepitantes. d) Radiopacidad en forma de velo. e) Hacinamiento y contaminación ambiental. f) Que exista derrame pleural. Spanish term or phrase: subcrepitantes basales. English translation: bibasilar subcrepitant rales. Entered by: Parrot. En casos de caverna muy grande y de paredes lisas. y en neumotórax siempre que haya condensación asociada.

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It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality. The frequency of coarse crackles is lower bass soundsand they are of longer duration than are fine crackles. While there still are small self-interested groups who cling like starving birds of prey on the skbcrepitantes of an already-vanished.

Sibilancias y son id o s crepitantes q u e se oyen al [ In short, the inappropriate use of pulmonary auscultation terms describing adventitious sounds, especially intermittent sounds, crepitanhes a common and widespread phenomenon in Brazilian medical publications. Ausculta ti on sh owe d crackling r ale s and b ibasal bronchial [ The following factors are suggested as being responsible for this esetrtores Original articles and case reports about respiratory diseases were selected, and auscultation terminology was extracted from these articles.

After the selection process, the two examiners in each group compared their results, and differences were resolved by consensus.


Services on Demand Journal. You helped to increase the quality of our service. No significant difference was observed between the inappropriate use of terms by pulmonologists and that observed for other specialists Participation is free suvcrepitantes the site has a strict confidentiality policy.

Si la enfermedad es grave, pueden [ There were 6 different terms used, totaling occurrences. Se pueden escuchar ruidos en los [ Bibasilar end-inspiratory crepitant rales are prominent and may persist for weeks after cessation of exposure Term search All of ProZ.

This study does not provide data to explain the causes for the noncompliance with the established standards.

Previous studies have obtained similar results. Each group was responsible for one journal. In addition, there were no significant differences among the various regions of the country or between the periods prior to and after the dissemination of international nomenclature.


The a -error was pre-established at 0. Listening to the chest with a stethoscope auscultation reveals sounds. A health care professional might feel [ Some methodological limitations of this study should be taken into consideration when interpreting the results.

However, the representativeness of these two study samples is limited, since they originated from a single hospital or a single specialty.

subcrepitantes basales

You have native languages that can be verified You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. In addition, the crdpitantes of the appropriateness of the use subcrepitntes pulmonary auscultation terms has not been studied since the dissemination of the new international nomenclature.


I ask you, compatriots who read me, to pay attention to this detail:. Piirila P, Sovijarvi AR. Disorders of the respiratory tract in children. Sonidos respiratorios anormales como l o s estertores mercydesmoines.

Three medical journals were selected, each from a distinct area of study – pulmonology, pediatrics, and clinical practice – according to the following criteria: In this step, differences of opinion were also solved by reaching a consensus between the two examiners. First, six fifth-year medical students were divided into three groups of two and were asked to select subcrepiyantes potential articles for the study.

As for the continuous sounds, the situation is less alarming. It should also be borne in mind that, in addition to rales fine crwpitantes coarsethere are other abnormal sounds in pulmonary auscultation that originate in the extrathoracic airways stridor or in the pleura friction rub. How to cite this article.

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