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It suggests that the government and the investors are, in fact, counting on the upstream dams that would flood vast areas of indigenous land and tropical forest. Its aim is to open up and regulate large scale mining in indigenous territories.

The Xingu will become unrecognisable and for many, uninhabitable.

The people of the Xingu need our support. And their voices are being ignored by the Brazilian government. Explosions, diversion of the river flow, sedimentation and pollution caused by the preliminary earth ‘coffer dams’ have already had devastating impacts on fish populations in the Ahin.

Belo Monte will displace over 20, people, gravely endanger the survival of indigenous peoples and local communities and cause irreparable environmental damage to the Brazilian Amazon.

Malinche II: “Deadly Sins in the Brazilian Amazon”

Uptake Youtube Copenhaga The Brazilian government claims that the planned installed capacity of the Belo Monte Dam complex will edktal cheap energy to households across Brazil. The patrimony of Brazil will be squandered, and for what? I visited the Madeira River on my fact finding mission to Brazil in Workers flooded into the region drawn by the promise of employment.


Belo Monte is not merely a dam. There were representatives of the Juruna, Xypaia, Kuruaia and Canela tribes, as well as local fishermen and displaced farmers. All the contents of the dredge were also destroyed including a fridge and a gas cooker. Local magistrates are being called upon to issue writs of ‘Mandado 209 which amount to restraining orders for protesters, preventing them from demonstrating near the construction sites.

Near its mouth the river mingles with the waters of the Amazon in a network of eanos, or natural canals.

Working conditions Conditions on the construction sites of Belo Monte are atrocious. According to the Catholic Church’s Pastoral Land Commission CPTthe number of activists threatened in conflicts over land rose from to between and Some were beaten and shot ain, sprayed with pepper spray.

As Peter Bosshard writes for International Rivers’Mega-dams and other complex, centralized infrastructure projects have a bad track record in terms of addressing the water and energy needs of the poor and reducing poverty more generally. Edifal Guarani Kaiowa were occupying their ancestral land in Ponta Pora, in the southern state of Mato Grosso do Sul – they had been evicted when the land was given over to cattle ranchers.

Contacto minha maloca querida email. If constructed, the dams will flood much of the Munduruku territory. A great part of Brazil’s rich, varied cultural heritage will be zbin. Which is why there are five other dams planned upstream.


edital abin 2009 pdf

It will only be green if they paint the dam green. The dams are planned by the parastatal energy company, Eletronorte and its private sector partners, among them Brazilian construction giant Camargo Correa and the engineering firm CNEC, owned by Worley Abun of Australia. The farcical, tragic reality is: What will they do when the river changes forever? The project was abandoned in after widespread protest. It is a megadam. This is a glaring inequity, and it seems the rights of indigenous peoples are the first to be sacrificed in the name of development and profit.

I was distraught by the suffering I witnessed in the area.

edital abin pdf – PDF Files

Mining is not permitted in the area. Belo Monte will destroy the forest, cause the extinction of many edltal species of animals and plants, affect the global environment and contribute to climate change. Federal do Amazonas Univ. There is little left to eat, and no more living to be made from the river.

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