Hello! A german walkthrough is available at ceville walkthrough We will also help in the forum. Kind regards!. Popular Steam Guides Written guides, references, and walkthroughs podrás seguir todos los pasos necesarios para traducir el juego “Ceville” al castellano. For Ceville on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “Link to walkthrough:”.

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The fairy says to get one. Go forward to the road at right. Use intimidating dreadlock mask on sleeping Gwendolyn. Immediately go the strange panel of elements left walkfhrough the bar.

Ceville Hints from UHS — Not Your Ordinary Walkthrough

Take note of the little castle on the table by the wall. Use hamster wheel on dumbwaiter crank. Go to the Faeryanis map at bottom right. The first run has all 3 judges voting for H. He won’t walkthroygh to the election until he finds a place for his dungeon. Go to the office. See that Ambrosius guards the prison cell walktthrough Ceville. Use the wallthrough hook with glue to get sticky stage hook. Use the white flag on flagpole. Try to leave the council chambers.


Ask him about his adventures. Immediately move the cursor and click to ‘point out dirt’ on the cat basket. The I key shows-hides the inventory bar. Ceville climbs up the ladder. Use packaged chocolate cherry recipe with flagpole. Let the duel begin: Take the ball of wool. Take the road left of the fairy house. Take-break the pendulum of the clock. Give him the full mug of water.

Ceville Hints from UHS. Not your ordinary walkthrough.

Take the handkerchief from the stage floor. Move right and see a table with items like skull and vial.

Talk walkthroough the actress on stage. Lo stands on the newly drawn X on the trap door, click the lever seen at top left of the screen and Ceville opens the trap door. Talk to the gramophone. Get rid of chef and find a disguise. As Lillyclean bunch of hair on the table. Click on the floor get up text beside his chair to go down. Immediately, right click the nest at top of the branch above the elf ambassador. Lilly is hired to sell real estate. Look around the cellar after he falls down the well.

Search for Ambassador of the Monsters. Dialogue and action can be skipped by left mouse click. Give the letters of other villains taken from the fairy’s desk to the reformed villains. This process walkthrouggh no more than a few hours and we’ll send you an email once approved.


The door is stuck.

Take note of the bar ape behind Ceville making the gesture of the monkey related to the element card that Ceville is holding. Pick up stone by bucket. Look at all the cevil,e. Talk to him again and he says the bar is out of raisins and kiwi.

Open the door to cold storage. As Ambrosiususe the sword of demon slaying with the screw holding the cebille mask. Take the cherries from dumbwaiter.

Easy come, easy go. Lilly takes the letters addressed to arch villains. It looks around for food. Take the cold-pressed oil on the table at left.

The Emperor strikes back Act 3: Use mini Ambrosius with hamster flap of throne room door.

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