Assessor(s): Hammerson, G.A., Frost, D.R. & Gadsden, H. Reviewer(s): Cox, N., Chanson, J.S. & Stuart, S.N. (Global Reptile Assessment Coordinating Team). ZEBRA-TAILED LIZARD Callisaurus draconoides. DESCRIPTION: A medium- sized (up to mm or 4″ from snout to vent), tan to yellowish tan lizard with long, . Adult male, Kern County. Western Zebra-tailed Lizard. Breeding adult female, Kern County. Western Zebra-tailed Lizard. Adult female, Kern County, Adult female.

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Stop-and-go approach by a draconokdes I assumed it must be a banded geckosince that was the only nocturnal lizard found in the area. Reptiles and Amphibians of the Mojave Desert: Size differences between males and females begin to appear by late August, just before the second hibernation. Zebra-tailed lizards are the fastest lizards in the desert. It is abundant and maintains stable populations. The bond formed between males and a particular female may be strong or weak.

Callisaurus draconoides | The Reptile Database

Deep genealogical history without population differentiation: Gray or light brown above with light spots and paired dark blotches, which are more distinct on females. Upon hatching, offspring are smaller but otherwise very similar in appearance to adults. University Press of Colorado: Zebra-tailed lizards are similar, in some regards, to earless lizards and fringe-toed lizards.

Modulated but conserved segmental growth of the original tail in Callisaurus draconoides Phrynosomatidae and Calotes versicolor Agamidae.

Find more photos by Google images search: Part I – Reptiles. By July, zebra-tailed juveniles have reached adult size, typically about 70 mm in length, and show signs of gonad development and body cycles. In zebra-tailed lizards, these scales vary in size and drqconoides across their bodies.


Although it is most common in the flatlands it is also encountered in sandy washes within foothills and bajadas. During morning hours, they hunt for prey in the open, and during mid-day, they hunt for prey in more shady areas.

Callisaurus draconoides bogertip. A pale thin lizard with very long legs and a long flat tail with black crossbars. It hibernates underground during the cold months of winter and late fall. Males ddaconoides have sky blue to navy blue patches on both sides of the belly; these give way to two diagonal black bars that fade into brown on the sides of the body.

Zebra-tailed Lizard, Callisaurus draconoides Blainville, USNM [rhodostictus] Holotype: When threatened they will run swiftly with their toes curled up and tails raised over their backs exposing the stripes. Can you confirm these amateur observations of Callisaurus draconoides? Some experts do not recognize any subspecies of Callisaurus draconoides.

Zebra-tailed lizard

Pianka and Parker, ; Vitt and Ohmart, Zebra-tailed lizards consume a majority of their food in the morning, however, they forage throughout the day as well. Males and females both raise their tails when threatened by potential predators; however evidence suggests that males perform tail displays more often.

Life in Cold Blood. The underside of the tail is white with black crossbars. Tail displays also are known to momentarily distract predators, allowing time for the lizard to escape.

Continues outside California north into northern Nevada, east into extreme southwest Utah, south through Arizona and extreme southwest New Mexico, to Baja California and the west coast of Mexico.

Capable of running very fast possibly the fastest lizard in the desert facilitated by long legs and streamlined body. Amphibians and Reptiles in Colorado. Little is known about perception in zebra-tailed lizards. During active months, zebra-tailed lizards are diurnal and are more tolerant of high temperatures than most lizards. Snakes are common predators of zebra-tailed lizards and include red coachwhip snakespine snakesglossy snakeseastern kingsnakeswestern patch-nosed snakesand long-nosed snakes.


Check here to see the most current complete lists. Pianka and Parker, ; Vitt and Ohmart, Primary Diet carnivore insectivore Animal Foods mammals reptiles eggs carrion insects terrestrial non-insect arthropods terrestrial worms Plant Foods leaves flowers Predation Snakes are common predators of zebra-tailed lizards and include red coachwhip snakespine snakesglossy snakeseastern kingsnakeswestern patch-nosed snakesand long-nosed snakes.

Reproduction of the Zebra-tailed Lizard, Callisaurus draconoides Squamata: Like most other reptilesC. Mexico Sonora Type locality: Northern or Nevada zebra-tailed lizards are found in central Colorado.

Phrynosomatidaefrom Nevada. Behler, ; Cochran and Goin, ; Ditmars, Biogeographic Regions nearctic native Habitat Callisaurus draconoides is a terrestrial lizard that lives in deserts or in semi-arid habitats with lose sandy soil. However, more than 1 clutch can be laid during a season. With daytime temperatures in the low ‘s, most of the desert wildlife even most of the lizards were avoiding the direct sunlight.

Correlates of average daily metabolism of caolisaurus active zebra-tailed lizard Callisaurus draconoides. Descriptions of new subspecies of snakes Micruroides euryxanthus and Lampropeltis getulus and miscellaneous collecting notes. Mesoamerican Herpetology 4 1: Scales on the head are small compared to those covering the rest of the body. Ecology of the zebra-tailed lizard Callisaurus draconoides at the Nevada test site.

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