Blood and Guts in High School: A Novel [Kathy Acker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kathy Acker was a high-wire writer. She took risks. Buy Blood and Guts in High School by Kathy Acker from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction. Published to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Kathy Acker’s untimely death, Blood and Guts in High School is published for the first time in.

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I had a really tough time with this one, I could finish it. However I mostly found it embarrassing to read in public because of the smutty line drawings, offensive because of the continual use of foul language or confusing because sentence flow skipped lines of text.

Recommended to Nate D by: He took them all. By the way, she also suffers from pelvic inflammatory desease.

It’s quite comfortable to call it garbage and pretend not to see what it actually is; the outrageous contents are better dealt with if we deny the meaning and depth of the outrage. Kathy Acker was an innovator.

Dear dreams, you are the only thing that matter. But Acker’s lack of restraint, narrative focus and characterization are made up for with the energy, typographical chicanery and sfhool with which she rails against the prison bars of gender conformity.

One hard to forget cover. I walked for hours. I had a lot of problems trying to follow the story, I think I’m more mathy a traditional fiction type of gal as opposed to the experimental A second of time. Preferring to be known s Born of German-Jewish stock, Kathy Acker was brought up by her mother and stepfather her natural father left her mother before Kathy was born in a prosperous district of NY.


Kathy would enjoy, I think, these contradictions.

Born of German-Jewish stock, Kathy Acker was brought up by her mother and stepfather her natural father left her mother before Kathy was hgh in a prosperous district of NY. It’s a journey through hell that leads nonetheless to some indefinite redemption. I wonder whether the Holy Office wasn’t more sensitive to culture than we are nowadays.

Then she made herself walk away.

Blood and Guts in High School by Kathy Acker

I don’t have anywhere to run. She passes the days writing her slaver love poe Poor pliant Janey just wants to be loved, but when her father dumps her at the age of 10 for a sexier girlfriend, and then ships her off to a New York boarding school, her only option, naturally, is to fall in with a street gang called the Scorpions and devote her pre-teens to a life of petty theft, random sex and multiple abortions.

Published January 11th by Grove Press first published She was ahead of her time. Jul 14, Scott rated it did not like it.

Kathy Acker’s Blood and Guts in High School

Well this was really something. In the big city she’s swallowed by loneliness, lack of feeling, lack of affection, and starts looking for a compensation in raw sex and sheer violence: Otherwise there was nothing.

But they both know the romance is over. View all 8 comments. Let’s say it’s not for the weak of heart, nor is it recommended to those without a sense of incredibly, powerfully grotesque and debasing humor.

The violence nad been completely metabolised by the child’s mind, to the point that it’s not even perceived as such. The rain was going hlgh increase her infection.

Many of Acker’s heroines have or fear getting cancer. Hawkins has analysed this book as a postmodernist work in her article “All in the Family: Acker makes a good point here: I liked it then. Someone said it was genius and others followed suit or suitless as the case may be. I’m also reminded of an old zine I found in a exhibition of sorts: To make things even worse, one day a Persian dwarf and slave glood has her kidnapped and locked in a bloox, where she’s thoroughly trained in whoring techniques in order to walk the streets for the dwarf.


Read between the lines. It’s just useful, easier to socialize and forget, isn’t it? Poems, gurs motifs, confessional modes, book reviews, some clever stuff with pagination and text breaks, and loads of scribbly pictures flesh out the storyboard.

Originally written in the s, this Penguin re-release coincides with Acker’s untimely death from cancer 20 years acked this year.

Not unlike Jeanette Winterson in her Nin-like creative journey into the sexual self.

I think it’s becoming harder to get off the roads. The novel is considered an anti-narrative work since it jumps in and out of narration and contains different narrators. There was always something touching and trusting about Acker’s belief that her audience would not want a smooth finished product of the kind they could buy higu any dime store, but would prefer to be in on the process — flying when she did, falling when she did, nothing leveled out or homogenized.

Jul 30, Blake Nelson rated it really liked it.

Blood and Guts in High School

I actually like weird, playful, vulgar books. I should have just thrown this one away. In the arts, and particularly literature, we still moan and groan ib experiment.

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