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D External dimensions. D Connections. D Connection of motor. FANUC CONTROL MOTOR AMPLIFIER α series DESCRIPTIONS. B–E. B–E. FANUC AC SPINDLE MOTOR α series PARAMETER MANUAL B– E. FANUC SERVO AMPLIFIER α series DESCRIPTIONS. B–E. FANUC SERVO AMPLIF IER @ series DESCRIPTIONS BE/03 The export of this product is subject to the authorization of the.

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D System ground system The system ground system is used to connect the frame ground systems connected between devices or units with the ground. If a screw is lost inside the nit and the power is turned on, the machine may be damaged.


F Never ground or short—circuit either the power supply lines or power 655162e. If the input voltage changes, the rated output may not appear even when the input voltage change is within the allowable range. Motor rotation speed for rapid traverse [rpm] ta: Press the emergency stop button to check that the motor stops immediately, and that the power being supplied to the amplifier is shut off by the magnetic contactor. Also, check that no lines are slack.

Fanuc Servo Amplifier Alpha Series Descriptions E pdf – CNC Manual

Refer to the result when selecting the MCC, power cable, and circuit breaker 1, to be connected to the PSM input section. Part number LM32C Specification 3. When using a built—in bb or a motor with special specifications, refer to relevant specifications, and select a spindle amplifier module accordingly.

F Never touch the regenerative discharge resistor or radiator directly.

651162e Therefore, note the following when installing the amplifier. The heat sink becomes extremely hot, such that touching it during operation or immediately after power—off is likely to cause a burn. This carries away the heat generated by the semi— conductors, thus preventing heat from building up in the cabinet as much as possible. Note that the specification of the coil voltage of a magnetic contactor may differ depending on the supply voltage and frequency used.


A deposit of conductive dust on the amplifier or peripheral equipment will result in a failure. While the LED is lit, hazardous voltages are present inside the unit, and thus there is a danger of electric shock.

F Connect the power supply lines and power 65162s to the appropriate terminals. F If the motor makes any abnormal noise or vibration while operating, stop it immediately. F Insulate all exposed parts that are charged. Preventive measures against noise, including those for external electronic devices affected by noise, must be taken from the viewpoint of an entire system. D 655162e primary power supply and main circuit and the secondary control circuit are separated from each other by reinforced insulation.

When a connector is specified, therefore, care is necessary. Always connect the magnetic contactor closer to the input power supply than the AC reactor unit.

The module uses power regeneration that returns energy to the power supply during motor deceleration regeneration. G built—in motors and motors with special specifications, refer to the relevant specifications.

If the insulating transformer is installed outside the power magnetics cabinet, and the cable connecting the amplifier is exposed, the cable must be covered with a grounded metal duct, or an AC line filter must be installed. F Securely ground the amplifier.

Fanuc Servo Amplifier Alpha Series Descriptions 65162E

Rotor inertia of the motor [kg? For details, see 6 in Section 9. WARNING Applied when there is a danger of the user being injured or when there is a danger of both the user being injured and the equipment being damaged if the approved procedure is not 65162ee. Following the instructions given in the maintenance manual, adjust the position and speed detectors for the spindle so 65126e an appropriate waveform is obtained.


See the section 5.

The ground plate must be created and installed by the user as shown in Figs 5. Then, select an appropriate spindle amplifier module for the selected spindle motor. These items must be stored in a location where they can be retrieved immediately.

This section presents a severe risk of electric shock. Load inertia value for motor shaft [kg? Recommended noise filters are listed below. Calculate the CNC input current from the following expression: Ensure that the door of the power magnetics cabinet containing the amplifier, and all other doors, are 65162r closed.

F Connect the signal lines to the appropriate connectors. Recommended noise filters are given 65162r 12 of Section 2. When this equipment is to be prepared by the user, it must satisfy the circuit breaker and magnetic contactor specifications indicated below.

If the work to be done requires that the door of the power magnetics cabinet be left open, the work must be carried out by a person trained in the maintenance of the machine or equipment. In this case, the rated output current is To replace 6516e battery of any of those models, observe the following procedure: When the rated output capacity is 12 kW or more, calculate according to 3. Modules for one axis and two axes are available.

There are four types of power 65162f module, as follows:

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