Anthraquinone glycosides. 1. Anthraquinone Glycosides Most of agents are used as laxatives and purgatives. The anthraquinone and related glycosides are stimulant cathartic and exert their action by increasing the tone of the smooth muscle in the wall of large intestine. anthraquinone. a derivative of anthracene, a dyestuff. Its derivatives, found in aloes, cascara sagrada, senna and rhubarb, act as cathartics. See also danthron.

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For instance, it is almost completely insoluble in ethanol near room temperature but 2. The term is also used in the more general sense of any compound that can be viewed as an anthraquinone with some hydrogen atoms replaced by other atoms or functional catharyics. The extracted liquid is filtered and transferred to a tank fitted with stirrer.

A large industrial application of anthraquinones is for the production of hydrogen peroxide. They occur in aloes, cascara sagrada, senna, and rhubarb and are cathartic. For example, Reactive Blue RB also known as Remazol brilliant blue is an anthraquinone based anthraquionne dye, which is very resistant to chemical oxidation due to its anthraquinone structure being stabilized by resonance [6].


The reaction mechanism may involve single electron transfer SET. This study addresses the cathartkcs effect of rubiadin AQ1 and rubiadin 1-methyl ether AQ2two photosensitizing anthraquinones AQs isolated from Heterophyllaea pustulata, against C.

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Views Read Edit View history. Glycosides of anthranol and anthrones elicit a more drastic action anthraquonone the corresponding anthraquinone anthraqkinone and a preponderance of the former constituents in the glycosidic mixture can cause discomforting griping action.

The filtrate is extracted with chloroform or benzene and dilute ammonia is added to it. Anthraquinone definition of anthraquinone by Medical dictionary https: These derivatives include substances that are technically useful or play important roles in living beings.

The anthraquinone is a redox catalyst. Evaluation of in vitro biological properties of Senna occidentalis L. It also arises via the Rickert-Alder reactiona retro-Diels-Alder reaction. The free anthraquinone aglycones exhibit little therapeutic activity. Anthraquinone molecules adsorbed onto a Cu surface assemble into a highly ordered honeycomb structure. The sugar residue facilitates absorption and translocation of the aglycone to the site of action.

The enzyme encoded by the gene UGT1A8 has glucuronidase activity with many substrates including anthraquinones. The clear filtrate is neutralized and concentrated by evaporation under reduced pressure to form a liquid two parts of which represent approximately one part of aloes originally used.

Prolonged use and abuse leads to melanosis coli. Correlation to their in vitro cytotoxic potential”. It is a yellow highly crystalline solid, poorly soluble in water but soluble in hot organic solvents.


The anthraquinone and related glycosides are stimulant cathartics and exert their action by increasing the tone of the smooth muscle in wall of the cafhartics intestine.

Anthraquinone – Wikipedia

Its derivatives, found in aloes, cascara sagrada, senna and rhubarb, act as cathartics. The extraction is continued till washing show a positive test for anthraquinones glycosides colour reaction or TLC.

Classification and Chemical Tests for Cardiac Glycosides. Profiling of the Tox21 chemical collection for mitochondrial function to identify compounds that acutely decrease mitochondrial membrane potential.

Separate the organic solvent layer and add an equal volume of dilute ammonia. Retrieved 11 November The pH is adjusted to 6.


After extraction, the marc is desolventised and discarded. Archived from the original on From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The anthraquinone glycosides are the ones whose aglycone component is a polyhydroxyanthraquinone derivative. Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry.

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