Read, review and discuss the entire Adventureland movie script by Greg Mottola on Adventureland (PDF script) August 5, Revised Draft Written by Greg Mottola . Adventureland is an intelligent, relevant film about a college graduate named James Brennan (Jesse Eisenberg) whose dreams of a.

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I missed your call last night.

It’s a revolting affectation, but it relaxes me. I’m sure Virgil had Bionic Mutant in mind.

I work on games, so I’m gonna look for a shitty job and No, I mean he wrote a page allegorical novel about the whaling industry.

Anyway, Adventureland was one of the few times I really liked Kristen Stewart, and it felt like the role of Em was written for her. Hey, you know I play the drums? Hey, Em, come on. Views Read Edit View history. You know, with my dad’s connections, we’ll get a great deal on an apartment. Jesus fucking Christ, they play this song, like, 20 times a day.

Don’t dream it’s over Hey now, hey now When the world comes in They come, they come I think you’re so beautiful. You know, I think that Adventureland has made you regress or something.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. All right, got faith in you, man. Assistant manager Bobby assigns James to the games area.

Adventureland Script at The Screenplay Database

Gotta pump some midnight iron? All right, I’m just trying to drive. You know, strings were pulled, wheels greased. Are you gonna stop?

No, the place is not going to blow. Hey, what’s going on?

Adventureland () Movie Script | SS

As a result, James must get a summer job to cover his upcoming expenses at the decrepit local amusement park, Adventureland, where he falls in love with a witty co-worker, Emily Lewin. Naked push-ups, retard, for fucking. But why do you have to go to grad school for that? You are commenting using your Twitter account. Ladies and gentlemen, put down your mint juleps. Speaking of which, I just want you to know that you’ll be with me advetnureland spirit this summer.

Well, Europe changed me. Look, you can’t tell anybody, but I’m going out with Lisa P. Oh, for God’s sake, Adventuteland. Anyway, I recommend a read on this.

Self Guided Film School

That’s what we were talking about. A heartbroken James drunkenly crashes his father’s car into a tree and passes out. You wanna wear this? Our parents are right over Unless someone needs help restoring a fresco, I’m screwed. Do you believe in God? And, hey, I’ll float you for the first few months. I don’t know if you still want to take a look at it. I’m so surprised I’m making out with you. Look, we’ll both be in Advrntureland York soon, and I want to hang out adventurelanr you.


No, I’ve never actually driven an asphalt mixer, per se, but I did once drive my friend’s van to Wisconsin on a pretty lengthy road trip. Green runs well on a muddy track, folks, adventurekand today’s conditions give him a slight edge. You know, I did something kind of stupid. You know the song is called Satellite of Love, the Lou Reed song. And they have these broadcasting internships on Mister Rogers’.

At the Stardust Lounge she is surprised to learn James has never had sex. I was out with some old high-school buddies.

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