Internet Login (email address used to register on ) Details about the file such as the file’s type, permissions, owner and size are displayed. Mandriva ! That looks great File Type: png Screenshot-Mandriva [Running ] – Sun xVM ( KB, views). Last edited. How would one go about dual booting ubuntu with mandriva? I have tried mandriva spring and I find it is quite good also and I would very much like to dual boot the two OS’s Advanced reply Adv Reply . File Type: png.

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You are, in fact, advised to login as root after rebooting to finish configuring your system. September 24th, 2. Getting to know how the system works. The Toshiba laptop seemed particularly appropriate for this review since enhanced performance on older hardware filstype one of the stated goals for Absolute Linux.

Originally Posted by newestguy1. Qimo 4 Kids 1.

Index of /pub/mandriva/devel/2010.1/SRPMS/contrib/release/

This probably answers my second question. October 12th, 7.

Users who prefer a full-featured, but heavier desktop environment, can install the KDE or Xfce packages from the official Slackware repository. First, I wanted to thank everyone for their replies to my posts in these forums.


No such file or directory I do a lot of my writing in AbiWord. Almost none of the graphical system administration tools work in this release. Kind of like when I learned more filethpe the “boot. Contact, corrections and suggestions: Once X is configured, it is automatically launched and the default IceWM desktop is displayed.

A candle looses nothing by lighting other candles. Ah, at last I think I have found my desktop distro!

Dual Boot Linux???

October 12th, 9. It ended like the following: Now grub offers up a choice of ubuntu, mandriva, or vista upon booting up.

There just isn’t anything that makes it stand out from the crowd. Its main features are ease of installation and out-of-the box support for 3D desktop effects. Org, depending on whether a stable version is released in time for the freeze, which will happen much earlier than version 2.

The previous release had two ISO images.

Best looking linux distro?

I even have a lady that collects metal from dumpsters yeah, a dumpster diver LOL and mamdriva she finds an old hp, dell, whitebox, etc she’ll throw it into the back of her truck and manrdiva if I want it. Removed fbxkb, added urxvt as basic terminal, PCMan file manager, Geany, tsclient, GVim, eboard chess with crafty engine.


For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. No matter what applications I nandriva, system performance on both the netbook and the old Toshiba laptop was generally excellent. Pardus Linux RC So the goal is always reached: I am Darkwing Duck!

Another way to get GRUB to boot both at once Summary of expected upcoming releases Sherman spoke about the development and goals of Absolute Linux. Tiny Core Linux 2. Sharing control of the operating system.

Fedora 12 Preview In addition to avoiding disk partitioning, it will also auto-configure and install the LILO bootloader without user interaction.

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