Lietuvos Respublikos konstitucija has 9 ratings and 1 review: Published by UAB Judex, 47 pages, Paperback. LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKOS KONSTITUCIJA. LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKOS. K O N S T I T U C I J A. Knygą galite atsisiųsti arba atsiversti kitame lange sekančiais. LITHUANIA LR Konstitucija (Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, 6 November ) LR Civilinio kodekso patvirtinimo įsigaliojimo ir įgyvendinimo.

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The State shall promote the physical culture of society and shall support sport. The Government shall assess the recommendations or opinions submitted by the Seimas or its Committees and shall inform the Seimas about their execution following the procedure established by legal acts.

The budget year shall start on the 1st of January and shall end on the 31st of December.

The duties, rights, and guarantees of the activities of a Member of the Seimas shall be established by law. The right to stand for election shall be established by the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania and by the election laws.

Lietuvos Respublikos konstitucija

Municipal councils shall have the right, within the kosntitucija and according to the procedure provided for by law, to establish local levies; municipal councils may provide for tax and levy concessions at the expense of their own budgets. The freedom to profess and spread religion or belief may not be limited otherwise than by l and only when this is necessary to guarantee the security of society, public order, the health or morals of people, or other basic rights or freedoms of the person.

The destruction of land and subsurface, the pollution of water and air, radioactive impact on the environment, as well as the depletion of wildlife and plants, shall be prohibited by law.

The Prime Minister and Ministers may not be held criminally liable or be detained, or have their liberty restricted otherwise, without the prior consent of the Seimas or, in the period between the sessions of the Seimas, without the prior consent of the President konstitucijx the Republic. The following text of the oath for a Member of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania shall be established: If an early election of the President of the Republic is called during his second term of office, the incumbent President of the Republic may only be elected for the remainder of the second term of office.


In the Republic of Lithuania, the Bank of Lithuania konstituvija be the central bank, which belongs to the State of Lithuania by right of ownership. Citizenship of the Republic of Konstiucija shall be acquired by birth or on other grounds established by law.

When the justices of the Constitutional Court are appointed for the first time, three of them shall be appointed for a three- three for a six- and three for a nine-year term. Persons who do not have sufficient knowledge of the Lithuanian language shall be guaranteed the right to participate in the investigation and court proceedings through a translator.

Citizens may not be prohibited or hindered konstitucoja assembling unarmed in peaceful meetings.


Laws shall be deemed adopted if the majority of the Members of the Seimas participating in the sitting vote in favour thereof. A pre-trial investigation shall be organised and directed, and charges on behalf of the State in criminal cases shall be upheld, by prosecutors. The most significant issues concerning the life of the State and the Nation shall be decided by referendum. The autumn session shall commence on the 10th of September and shall end on the 23rd of December.

The State shall take care of families raising and bringing up children at home, and shall render them support according to the procedure established by law. Any citizen of the Republic of Lithuania who is not bound by an oath or a pledge to a foreign state, and who, on the election day, is not younger than 25 years of age and permanently resides in Lithuania, may stand for election as a Member of the Seimas.


Higher education shall be accessible to everyone according to individual abilities. So help me God. This right shall be implemented through the respective municipal councils. The State shall recognise the churches and religious organisations that are traditional in Lithuania; other churches and religious organisations shall be recognised provided that they have support in society, and their teaching and practices are not in conflict with the law and public morals.

The President of the Republic shall have a residence. The draft State Budget shall be considered by the Seimas and shall be approved by law before the start of the new budget year. The length of working time shall be established by law. The issue of the removal of the President of the Republic from office shall be decided by the Seimas according to the procedure for impeachment proceedings.

A law on the alteration of the Constitution shall come into force not earlier than one month after its adoption. International treaties ratified by the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania shall be a constituent part of the legal system of the Republic of Lithuania.

Lietuvos Respublikos Konstitucija

When necessary, the Seimas may, by a majority vote of more than half of all the Members of the Seimas, extend the terms provided for in Article 89, but for no longer than a four-month period. Kostitucija and guardians shall, without restrictions, take care of the religious and moral education of their children and wards according to their own convictions.

When performing their functions, prosecutors shall be independent and shall obey only the law. Be kkonstitucija first to ask a question about Lietuvos Respublikos konstitucija.

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