We can only wonder, as biographer Peter Longerich asks, how could such a Longerich answers those questions with a superb account of Himmler’s inner self . Heinrich Himmler was an unremarkable looking man. Yet he was Hitler’s top enforcer, in charge of the Gestapo, the SS, and the so-called Final. Heinrich Luitpold Himmler was Reichsf├╝hrer of the Schutzstaffel (Protection Squadron; SS), .. Himmler biographer Peter Longerich wrote that, while the Nazi movement as a whole launched itself against Jews and Communists, “by linking.

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A German Family History ] in German. This book is such a difficult read that I finally had to throw in the towel. Certainly, there is not much there to explain how he became one of Hitler’s stalwarts later on.

Himmler attempted to go into hiding, but was detained and then arrested by British forces once his identity became known. At a military briefing on that day, Hitler stated that he would not leave Berlin, in spite of Soviet advances. Minister for the Occupied Eastern Territories. The author posits that Himmler was indeed afraid of Hitler, and makes realistic assumptions about instructions longreich Himmler received from Hitler himmlwr the vast crimes that Himmler committed against humanity.

Fegelein was court-martialed and shot. Open Preview See a Problem? He studied agronomy in university, and joined the Nazi Party in and the SS in All males aged sixteen to sixty were eligible for conscription into this militia, over the protests of Armaments Minister Albert Speerwho noted that irreplaceable skilled workers were being hhimmler from armaments production.


Heinrich Himmler | Peter Longerich | | Oxford University Press Canada

For other persons with the same surname, see Himkler surname. The remainder were killed. The Lost Wave Molly Tambor. A lot of the details are not necessary to understand the story, on the contrary. The new information I gathered from reading this book – Himmler’s displeasurement towards the Catholic Church and his desire to revive Germany’s ancient pagan religion – his obsession to bring about the revival of the Aryan race from Teutonic history, which became his starting point of the “elite” Schutzstaffel – himmleg was an eye opener for me.

These included Germans who had collaborated with Germany before the war, but also those who considered themselves German but had been neutral; those who were partially “Polonized” but “Germanizable”; and Germans who were of Polish nationality.

Inas part of his preparations for war, Hitler ended the German alliance with Chinaand entered into an agreement with the more modern Japan. Okay, so Himmler started out as a quiet youth, unable to deal with females, which made him a prude until he was married in his mids, and which later made him legislate morality to his SS troops.

They preened themselves while thousands of thugs did the most monstrous dirty work for them with their complete approval. Himmler expected that it would take twenty to thirty years to complete the plan, at a cost of 67 billion Reichsmarks.

It’s sometimes difficult to understand what was driving Overall this is a thorough look at one of the most infamous Nazis and worth the slog. He believed that he could engineer the German populace, for example, through eugenicsto be Nordic in appearance within several decades of the end of the war.


Equally vital were recruits from among the Germanic considered peoples of northern and western Europe, in the NetherlandsNorwayBelgiumDenmark and Finland.

However, it’s hard to connect the dots. The translation is, in a word, toneless. What Himmler lacked in appearance, intelligence, wit, skill, or strength, he made up for with ambition. Some converted to Christianity. The Party Functionary 6.

Struggle and Renunciation 4. An extremely organised person, he was able to adapt and even change his actions according to what he felt was needed or demanded by Hitler, without ever losing view of his New Europe ideal and final objective.

Retrieved 20 June The performance of the eastern Waffen-SS units was, as a whole, sub-standard. A Life Peter Longerich Limited preview – Downfall in Stages The plan would have extended the border of Germany a thousand kilometres to the east miles.

Heinrich Himmler

Illuminates the extraordinary degree to which Himmler’s personal prejudices and idiosnycrasies shaped the organizations which he led – above all, the SS.

After his discharge on 18 December, he returned to Landshut. As a result, instead of deportation, many Jews in Europe were destined for death. Feb 02, Molly Elder rated it really liked it. This book is not a book one can pick up and read in one sitting. The Coming of the Third Reich. Inhe joined his fate to that of the nascent Nazi Party.

Members of a swelling resistance were shot, earning Heydrich the nickname “the Butcher of Prague”.

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