Following pdf manuals are available: Liebherr ICBN Premium BioFresh NoFrost User Manual. Liebherr ICBN Fridge Photo, Characteristics > Find great deals for Liebherr Premium ICBN Refrigerator. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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The food is frozen with chilled recirculating air, and any humidity is expelled. Marking on solenoid valve cover: This applies particularly to children.

Liebherr ICBN Fridge Photo, Characteristics

Important features of the compartment liner in the single-door fridges are two elegant vertical support columns on either side at the front and rear, lit by numerous LEDs. The appliance continues to operate in the energy-saving, normal mode.

At liebhetr base of the refrigerator compartment, the integrated bottle shelf or alternatively the glass shelf can be used: For frame and panel doors: Draw out front casing in a forward direction and uncover the cables.

Food can be stored safely with easy access on the pull-out glass shelves. However liebnerr not leave cooled products there otherwise they may be pushed back or tipped over when the door is closed. The instructions apply to several models. Live parts are located under the cover. The height-adjustable shelves can be relocated to suit personal requirements at any time. Ergonomically designed, the extra deep transparent vegetable iicbn are easyto-clean and provide ample storage for fruit and vegetables.

BioFresh — Take a fresh look at healthy eating The information below relates to the storage of produce in a BioFresh compartment compared with a traditional refrigerator compartment. Align the unit with a spirit level and an angle.


Liebherr ICBN 3056 Premium BioFresh NoFrost User Manuals

Instructions for action lebherr marked ,iebherr athe results of action are marked with a. Warning signal Door open: You will find possible causes and corrective action in the section on troubleshooting. In the combined BioFresh fridge-freezers of the PremiumPlus range, the freezer compartment now features interior lighting.

All BioFresh safes and pull-out compartments fitted with SoftTelescopic feature a convenient self-retracting system with gentle SoftSystem, making everyday use practical and safe. The defrost water evaporates due to the compressor heat.

Sensor positions, schematic diagrams The moisture condenses on the evaporator, is periodically de- frosted and evaporates. LED lighting is compactly positioned above the freezer drawers to provide an optimum view of all stored food and to ensure that opened freezer drawers are perfectly illuminated.

The fan is switched off by a door contact when the door is opened, saving valuable energy. To give one example: Ixbn times given are guide times.

Refrigerator compartment door Freezer compartment door Max. Use SuperCool to rapidly cool large amounts of food. Setting button temperature lower 7: Drawers mounted on telescopic rails. The Vinidor range features secure wooden pull-out shelves providing a good overview and convenient access to the bottles. These cabinets also provide the ideal conditions for long-term storage of large quantities. VarioSpace allows for practical storage solutions for all types of larger produce.

Liebherr ICBN Premium BioFresh NoFrost |

The lirbherr IceMaker automatically keeps you topped up with the finest quality ice cubes so that you are prepared for every occasion.


When disposing of the appliance, ensure that the refrigeration circuit is not damaged to prevent uncontrolled escape of the re- frigerant it contains data on type plate and oil. After power failure, the MagicEye will display the warmest temperature that was reached in the freezer compartment.

The roller plates, integrated in the floor of the liner come as standard in all the single door-on-door fridges in the Premium range, without BioFresh, from the cm aperture size upwards. The compressor continues running and the BioFresh drawers are statically cooled by the falling liehherr.

The interior light is not on. These make it possible to correctly level the appliance to ensure that the door closes properly, and thereby they ensure that the appliance operates as optimally as it is designed to.

You can only compare a maximum of 7 products per list. The evaporator lebherr serves for the control of the freezer compartment fan and for the defrosting of the evaporator module. Wine storage and multi-temperature wine cabinets from Liebherr are the ideal answer. The direction of installation direction of air current is indicated by an arrow.

This range offers two wine zones in which the temperature can be individually set to the exact degree required. These appliances are also ideally suited for keeping larger quantities at drinking temperature.

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