ADELAIDE UNIVERSITY. TFIS^ATRE GUILD. *JUNO A|.lD THE PAYCOCK”. BY. SEAN O’CASEY. AT THE I{UT. Monday. May 3l. Tuesday – — June 1. Wedrcday. Title. Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey. Author. O’Casey, Sean, Availability. Distributed by the University of Oxford under a Creative Commons. We need this text in an online format (preferrably not split but in one piece).’ and find homework help for other Juno and the Paycock questions at eNotes.

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Ordher, ordher for the song. Sweet Spirit, hear me prayer! The Prawnal What a comical name!

Boyle pours tea into cups, and Mary carries them round, first to Bentham and then to Boyle, and last to Johnny. Mary comes in, charmingly dressed, from room L.

Boyle stands on her l. Boyle near door r. Go on, go on, march 1 Johnny. In a corner near the window looking into the back is a galvanized bath.

Sweet spirit hear his prayer! Boyle with suppressed agitation. Bentuam getting stick and hat, going out with Mary, door r. Oh, you’re takin’ a wrong view of it, Mr. His walk is a stow, con- sequential strut.


No, I never went out. Singing as he cooks. Boyle; I hope you’re not sick? If I get this job we’ll be all right. BOYLE stirs to follow him; thinks of something to relieve the situation — stops, and says suddenly Joxer!

Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey

Two forces are working in her mind — one, through the circumstances of her life, pulling her back ; the other, through the influence of books she has read, pushing her forward. I’m tired tellin’ you what Joxer was; maybe now you see yourself the kind he is.

Boyle crosses by in front of Mrs. Sailin’ from the Gulf o’ Mexico to the Antanartic Ocean. Boyle takes Boyle by arm, leads him to Bentham, and introduces them. His face is pale and drawn; there is a tremulous look of indefinite anc in his eyes.

Aw, it’s a darlin’ word, a daarlin’ word. Scien- tists are beginning to think that what we call ghosts are sometimes seen by persons of a certain nature. He was not what some call pious — seldom at hhe or prayer; For the greatest scoundrels I know, sir, goes every Sunday there. We’ll be able to get out o’ this place now, an’ go somewhere tne not known. Oh, you’re in — you must have been only afther comin’ in?


Full text of ” OU Juno And The Paycock”

A lamp, with a silken shade, is lighted on the table. Oh, it won’t be very long now till it travels into your left wan.

A pause; he rises, goes to the press, takes out the sausage, puts it on the pan, and puts both on the fire. D’ye hear paucock — what’s all this hilla- baloo about? It’s just as you were saying, Mr. Isn’t he come in yet? Picking a book from table. There is a peculiar silenoe fdt, till Boyle speaks. I don’t know what’s goin’ to be done with him. You won’t have many pains in your legs when you hear what Mr.

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