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That will, or rather, that feeling, because the young Levite must be transformed into the flesh of his flesh, in a sort of instinct, which at the beginning of his career could be nothing more than a cold obedience, that adherence to Rome is what makes him a living member of the Mystical Body of Christ.

Seiscientos sesenta y seis – Hugo Wast – Google Books

And my pride inebriated me telling me that I, foul and maggoty, could of my own free will resist grace, and take pleasure in my power and fight against God. What a mystery, O Lord, that of those souls to whom you gave more light than to others and have blasphemed Thee more! He read of the tricks by which he attempted to arrange it so that an ecclesiastical burial would juanz be denied him, which jjuana desired only for the most inexplicable and contradictory vanity.

In the choir were six friars. Despite the tonsure that insulted his arrogant head, when he mounted the pulpit, the people were left astonished and captivated by intense emotion. Los friars did not pull up its immense, useless trunk because, in its sterile branches dwelled the doves of the bell tower and because they believed the ancient tradition taobr that tree would bloom again in the spring in which the last Pope would die, that is, on the very eve of the Second Coming of Christ.

The garden was wrapped in complete darkness, and in his cell, a strange light appeared together with an insufferable stench. Pero la humildad tzbor es natural; es sobrenatural.

666 ; Juana Tabor

But if you were to see the hardness of those who had sinned against the Spirit; of those who had despaired; of the witty who feared not to blaspheme in order to get a laugh; of those who sold out to pride in their final hour; of the apostates. After many painful occasions in which the monastery of Buenos Aires was close to being closed, on that 30 th of May,six new priests offered their first Mass and among them one already famous for his austerity and his talent.


En ese instante puede tu voluntad fijarle el rumbo. I have laughed at men so that they would not believe in the divinity of The Infamous One.

One would think that the world had entered into the epoch of religious tepidity, that will precede the last days or the Second Coming of Christ, in fulfillment of the words of Jesus Himself: His day usually began tabof midnight.

Perfection lies in the renunciation of such spiritual pleasures that produce virtue because, sooner or later, they capture the will, and make one believe that anything that goes against such spiritual pleasure is evil, and all that gives such pleasure is good. I was mad with blasphemy and sacrilege. Se contuvo al ver una fecha: My mission is to bring up to date religions in the fields of dogma, politics and society.

Our Lady of the Great Event – Nuestra Sra. del Buen Suceso: Juana Tabor – by Hugo Wast

They sacrificed their youth; they left behind the imperfect liberty of the world and purchased the twbor of Christ that consisted in submitting themselves forever to the will of another. But to repent without humility is against the supernatural law, and is infinitely beyond the strength of man.

Suddenly, death truly arrived and the philosopher died, not surrounded by flowers and friends and chatting and smiling philosphically, as his admirers imagined, rather blaspheming and naked, because his inflamed gut could not bear even juaha thread of clothing and yelling for a chunk of ice to slake his thirst.

The superior looked at him through the corner of his eye and continued: Fray Simon listened to his superior with his eyes fixed on the stone floor and with his hands folded into the loose sleeves of his beautiful habit. Miserable wretch that I am! Do you not know that when that Name sounds, all the inhabitants of Heaven and Hell must kneel?


But I lived still, scratching at the rotted mud of my flesh, that still for a few seconds more was preventing me from falling into the hands of God. Anyway, here are the first few pages. The vocation of a priest rests upon two pillars. Pluguiera el cielo que no se me hubieran dado tantas gracias. How many unexpected retractions there are hidden in the next world! How can one renounce virtue? As an immense fig tree, worn out by the centuries, its branches, which had borne tremendous fruit in ages past, was now drying out, without any new shoots coming up from the ancient root.

Here is the original Spanish: It was not the proper time to explain himself in too much detail, and the old friar prefered to continue speaking in general terms. But it was to enter into other religious orders: The virtues produce pleasure, a delight.

The wooden board upon which, in keeping with the holy rule, he lay fully dressed must have seemed to him deliciously comfortable and the smoothened piece of wood that served as a pillow, soft as down. Gregory celebrating the ordination in their church of six young priests celebrating their first Mass. The superior left and he remained alone in his cell, whose whitewashed walls seemed tinted with purple, because through its windows, that looked out upon the garden, streamed the rosy glow of a marvelous sunset.

All that you do in virtue of holy obedience to your rule or to the habor of your superiors is good.

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