Jan Tschichold (–) is a reputed European typographer. Very few of those who write about typography and book design (and they are. 28/01/ · Dallas, TX · The Form of the Book, by Jan Tschichold, is the authority on book design and the best book I have ever read on typography (and I ‘ve. THE OF FORM THE BOOK The form of the Book offers the harvest of a lifetime’s devotion to the art of typography. Its author, Jan Tschichold.

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Si legge come un romanzo ma fornisce indispensabili e rigorosi schemi per raggiungere risultati d’eccellenza nell’impaginazione. On the subject tschidhold the book page and its type area, there are some pages of quite mathematical minutiae, but this supports the overall impression one gains that the secret of typographical success — as with so much else — lies in the details.

One thing I can definitely say in Tschichold’s favor, he is quite certain of what is proper and what is not.

Ideal margin proportions 2: Incredibly pompous load of bullshit. As beautiful as the ratio of 2: Jun 20, Kathy Davie rated it really liked it Shelves: The guidelines he created form the basis of most books designed today.

Tje does he get off stating that “The work of a book designer differs essentially from that of a graphic artist”? I couldn’t decide if I was reading a critique on book construction or wine. Bug in the gold standard I certainly do agree with his comments on readability.

The Form of the Book : Jan Tschichold :

He measured early books and manuscripts, recorded dimensions, sketched page shapes and letterforms. Le regole da conoscere non sono molte e soprattutto sono immutate da secoli: Tschichold ranges from its shape and size, its cover and title page, via its typeface, margins, paragraphs and section headings, through to footnotes, its index, colophon, and even the blank pages before its final covers.


Our own somewhat bolder scripts lose their line bond if this wide spacing is adopted. The English edition was expertly translated by the author of my second favorite book on typography, Robert Bringhurstbut is sadly out of print as of this writing. For th On the subject of the book page and its type area, there are some pages of quite mathematical tge, but this supports the overall impression one gains that the secret of typographical success — from with so much else — lies in the details. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

As for what Tischchold has to say about book jackets! Tobias rated it it was amazing Mar 30, Later in life, he dismissed Die Neue Typography as too extreme and fell in love with classic, rational symmetry in design. And I like seeing those colorful spines pointing out towards me on the shelves.

It is ever relevant and necessary, and there is a growing or. In this digest, I have taken the time to excerpt the most enlightening bits. Books by Jan Tschichold. Rob rated it really liked it Mar 25, Your email address will not be published.

Maggie rated it it was amazing May 03, It becomes invisible by being tasteful. No trivia or quizzes yet. Mar 26, Tim Martin rated it it was amazing. Preview — Form of the Book by Jan Tschichold. The Form of the Book is actually a collection of essays written from through by Jan Tschichold and was originally compiled in Takt means measure, rhythm, time in the off sense.

Much like web designers should be taking into account when choosing fonts, font-sizes, and colors for a website. About Us Advertising Clients Contact.


Jjan now let me get out of the way; I give you The Form of the Bookdigested: The broader margins resulting from division by nine permit a slightly larger type size than does the division by twelve. To produce perfect books, these rules have to be brought back to life and applied.

Albeit one with a lovely gift for words, so flowery in his discourse on the beauty of book layouts.

The Form of the Book : Essays on the Morality of Good Design

Libro che ogni grafico dovrebbe aver letto tschichlod meditato. Lines with more than twelve words require more leading. And Tschichold is definitely on his moral high horse about the proper techniques to use! My favourite part is when Tschichold compare the quarto and octavo formats to men and women.

The Form of the Book – the finer points of book design

The latter is often translated, correctly, as tact. It’s the whole point of the cover—to convey a scene, mood, or summary of the book. Jan Tschichold’s argument runs like this. Fbrc Wltrck rated it really liked it Jan 06, The principles of setting type to be read and laying out a harmonious page transcend medium and materials. Trivia About Form of the Book Paragraphs without indent unfortunately the rule in Germany, and only there are a bad habit and should be eliminated.

In addition, there should be a good Fraktur, also in all sizes, at the very least up to pint.

Typesetting without leading is a torture for the reader. See 1 question about Form of the Book….

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