Juan Pablo Hourcade. University of Iowa, USA, [email protected] Abstract trends in the field of interaction design and children and identifies chal -. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Interaction Design and Children | This editorial paper introduces Juan Pablo Hourcade at University of Iowa. Given the greater exposure of children to computer technologies, it is imperative that they be designed taking into account children’s abilities, interests, and.

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Your browser is outdated. Following empirically based guidelines can ease the way. A collaborative digital library for children. ReadYoram Chisik: Research on children’s motor skills can guide the development of low-level interactions. Juan Pablo HourcadeStacy R. ThomasDaniela K.

Author: Juan Pablo Hourcade

MillerKelsey E. Home Subjects Journals Books Packages. Robert BallJuan Pablo Hourcade: In Interacting with Computers, 20 1 pp.


Interacting with Computers 20 1: Electronic privacy and surveillance. NathanPanayiotis Zaphiris: EichmannRyan R. But many challenges remain and Interaction Design and Children is a valuable tool for those who want to become familiar with the field as well as for those looking to get up to date interactiin current research interactuon interaction design and children. Research on children’s motor skills can guide the development of low-level interactions. EichmannBrian M.

dblp: Juan Pablo Hourcade

interavtion Identification of pointing difficulties of two individuals with Parkinson’s disease via a sub-movement analysis. Proceedings of the Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security.

HuebnerLucas J. Juan Pablo HourcadeTheresa R. Designing a digital library for young children.

Author: Juan Pablo Hourcade | Interaction Design Foundation

Terms of Use Privacy Policy Imprint. Intedaction Pablo HourcadeKeith B. Handbook of Human Computation Early olpc experiences in a rural uruguayan school.

Interaction Design and Children. HCI for peace ideathon. ChrischillesBrian M.

CHI Extended Abstracts Bullock-RestHeidi Schelhowe: FussellCliff Lampem. One year of experiences with XO laptops in Uruguay.


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