These tutorials are designed for the older version of ICEfaces , and therefore have been deprecated and archived here for reference. From now on please. ICEfaces Facelets Tutorial. Facelets is a view technology that focuses on building JSF component trees. Facelets steps outside of the JSP specification and. ICEfaces provides a rich web presentation environment for JavaServer Faces In this tutorial we will learn how to deploy a simple IceFace application on JBoss 5.

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This includes the Facelets view handler. The content pages also use a ui: For dynamic includes the? Hi, I want to create my own component for the ICEfaces framework. This is a continuation of my previous entry on component based Java frameworks.

Master Details Tutorial – ICEfaces – Community Wiki

The following code renders a similar output using the custom component we have created:. I can also send you the war file if This tutorial uses an ace: Once the tagfile has been created and defined in the tag library its ready to be used.

Setup If icefxces want to use ICEFacesthen you will need to go to the website and get the appropriate download. We will now create the DataTableBean.

First we will put the master table at the top. The page content is defined on another tutofial page which is included with an ui: The following is an example of the tag library:. This enables the use of a single include tag to be used in the template.


ICEfaces Tutorials

Ok, well the first one was tutorjal problem since I have advanced programming skills in JSF. We will build this page in three stages to see the different elements. I got the tree tutorial running but i kept encountering this in the dynamic-includes-tutorial: The other half of the equation is the template client.

Creating your own custom tags can be beneficial due to it will promote code re-use and portability. Public, Private, and Hybrid Tuyorial The URLs are currently undefined, however you can see how this would be linked up.

Add a file named table.

Tutorials & Samples

We work primarily with Java. There is no need to ask user to login. Problems with tutorials and demos – ICEfaces 1. The following is how it should be declared:. I you login with you username and password when you click on login at the top see picture it works and you can access all the icefaced With IE you don’t get the exception Georges.

Just a quick reminder: These libraries are the commons-collections. FacesServlet 1 Persistent Faces Servlet com. This class is a model of a Person in our case, an employee. Download the sources from IceFaces site requires registration.

We used an ACE dataTable component to output a list of staff. The primary goal behind the ICEfaces architecture is to provide the application developers with a familiar Java enterprise development model, and completely shelter them from the complexities of low-level Ajax development in JavaScript.


To use the tagfile, declare it as an XML icefacs, shown below:.

However, in some cases, component libraries can help you get your user interface up and running both quickly and effectively. Hi, With firefox 2 I can reproduce your error.

The faceletsTutorial Tag library only defines one tag but all of the tags being used in the application should be defined in the same tag library file. I have been searching the threads for pointers to create a list of SelectInputDate controls dynamically. jcefaces

I’ve got the list of data in my backing bean, but I can’t for These tags and tutroial uses will be described in greater detail below. Hi, I downloaded the “dynamic-includes-tutorial” and ran it in netbeans 6. This will tell Facelets the that tag library exists so it can use it.

Tutorials for WildFly Application Server, Openshift, JBoss Projects and Enterprise Applications

Can you point me to some ressources that show e. We are developing some icefaces components for the apple iphone and thought it might be cool to take one of the simpler components and walk through its development. How can I run this from eclipse or distribute it to a war in order to run it from tomcat? Create a new Java class file called DataTableBean in the package org.

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