Download Heatline C28 manual. You have chosen to download this manual. Heatline C28, please click on the PDF link below. The boiler’s ‘Log Book’ must be completed at each Service visit. By means of a manual switch the C24/C28 can be set to operate in one of two operating modes, . Boiler Manuals for the Heatline Compact C28 appliance.

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Pump will run for a additional secs in order to release the heat from the boiler itself. Not to offend you but thanks for reading and your reply in the first place. Re-connect sensing tube and heatlinne the electrical leads 7. And Renault megane aren’t as good as they used to be either Flow heating temperature sensor fault.

Replace faulty sensors F85 Flow and return heating sensors fault Verify temperature sensors connections F86 Underfloor heating contact fault Verify the sensor connections. Yes, my password is: User interface incompatible with the main board. Open the isolating valves on the flow and return connections.

Heatline Compact C28

The boiler wouldnt turn off even switching to off, last resort swithced the electric off to it. Locate the central heating sensor — it is on left side of the combustion chamber on the outlet of the primary heat exchanger as shown on the picture below 4.


Remove the hestline 4. Remove the pressure sensor by turning it in an anticlockwise direction 5. Re-assemble the boiler in reverse order Secondary Heat Exchanger replacement 1.

Disconnect the electrical leads from the fan 4. Remove the boiler casing following the steps below 1. Yes, my password is: Underfloor heating contact fault.

Release all screws connecting the hatline into the fan-hood 6. Always isolate the electricity supply Conduct all electrical check: When the demand for central heating is fulfilled, the burner will shut down and the appliance will come to stand-by mode, until the next hot water or heating demand.

Primary Heat Exchanger replacement 1.

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Return heating temperature sensor fault. Re-set if necessary the dip switches and the potentiometers to values of the old PCB 8. Verify that there are no leaks F23 Maximum temperature difference reached between return and flow heating Verify the flow and return heating sensor connection. You’re safe shopping with us. Replace low water pressure switch. The water circulation is shown on the picture below Central heating and domestic hot water mode When heating demand is requested, power is on and the thermostats are calling for heat, the boiler fires.


Verify the operation of the condensate pump. Remove the combustion chamber cover 9. The wall on which your appliance will be mounted should be able to support the weight of the boiler for an extensive period of time.

This appliance is a Condensing Heatlie boiler. Ideal Domestic Boiler Spares. Discussion in ‘ Plumbing and Central Heating ‘ started by r1gaz10 Oct Appreciate all your advice though regards, Gary.

Verify that there are no leaks. Boilerman2 8 Nov Save energy Energy saving tips. Verify the return gas circuit gas valve open.

Troubleshooting Manual |

Find the best energy tariff for you Get a quote. Hi Tony, this is starting to cheese me off mate, it has been going on for a while.

Put in the new sensor. View your documents Cancel. Ideal Commercial Boiler Spares.

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