Although the Slendertone System for Abs may help the muscles contract, you’ll need to adjust your diet and make time for cardio exercise to improve the. SLENDERTONE Abdominal Toning System with the versatility of your smart . A detailed guide to setting-up and using your SLENDERTONE CONNECT ABS. Instruction Manual: This is your detailed guide to using your SYSTEM-ABS FROM SLENDERTONE. SLENDERTONE Belt Extender: Use this belt extender to.

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These vary slightly, depending on the brand and model. With each programme as you increase the intensity throughout the session, you feel the muscle contractions getting stronger.

Slendertone SYSTEM-ABS Instruction Manual

Warning Do not use the Slendertone System for Abs on days when you have heavy menstrual bleeding. Again it feels like I have done a work out on my abs. Plug the charger into a socket and then connect your unit to the charger to charge your unit’s battery. When you feel your ab muscles contract, slrndertone at that intensity level.

My aim is go to the gym three times this week. The controller is excellent size and great position for putting in your pocket when running. On syetem-abs inside of the belt are guides as to where you stick the pads, depending how big your waist is. It has been heavily promoted by soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo with a series of television adverts. They recommend in the instructions you begin with programme one, the beginner level. Online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay are currently littered with products like these.


You may have replacement batteries to buy, which tend to be a standard type.

Components View – Slendertone System-Abs Instruction Manual [Page 2]

This site uses cookies. It really is incomparable to anything else currently on the market. What are the running costs? You can use your.

Slendertone System-Abs Instruction Manual: Components View

If you have an IUD, you need to wait one month after fitting before use. Use only Slendertone approved battery packs and This symbol on your unit is to indicate conformity to the require- recharge them only with chargers approved for this unit.

I had the power up to 70 for both sessions Again it feels like I have done a work out system-abbs my abs.

As an example, those who have a pacemaker or similar electrical implanted device should not use one. August 23, at 1: You can buy whichever are available for the slendeftone price at the time.

Page of 10 Go. The team have all been using the Slendertone System- Abs for a week.

intensity level | Does Slendertone Work?

Use Slendertone System-Abs, five times a week. Slendertone 7 Program Abdominal Muscle Toner.


Under no cir- the metal studs that the metal studs are cumstances should anything other than accessories be used Slimming Electric Belts slsndertone Russian Bells: A low voltage electrical current is sent from the device to a series of pre-positioned electrodes over the abs.

For a company to market their devices for these uses they must be able to back this up with firm supporting data.

August 20, at 3: The run was good and it felt more natural in an upright position rather then sitting down in the officeso once a good pace was set the Slendertone could hardly be felt on level Your belt has been ergonomically designed and is fastened around your waist, under you clothes.

How it can be used on the front to work the abs — and when turned round — can be applied to the back. Initially, it was only compatible with iOS devices. The female belt E: Why not read my: Don’t show me this message again.

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