Standards. All GE panelboards meet the latest revision of the following standards . —National Electrical Code-Ref. Article —UL67 panelboards: UL BuyLog® Catalog. Molded Case Circuit Breakers. Rev. 9/ Prices and data subject to change without notice. Section 3. Industrial Circuit Breakers. GE Fastrac Program Service. —Fastrac A-Series® Panelboards: Fastrac shipment of A-Series® Panelboards A – A is available for select main and .

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When activated, the shunt trip module sends a signal to the control unit to open the switch.

This accessory provides mounting for key interlocks that are furnished by the customer. General Electric Catalogue A. May be used to adapt line and load terminals of switch to vertical or horizontal bus arrangements.

This information is provided only for use interpreting product buhlog. Although the integral ground fault function is self-powered, the test function does require an external Vac volt amperes nominal control power source. You can also visit the publications library to get quick and easy access to thousands of GE product and marketing brochures or order a hard copy of a brochure.


All other line shields included with fuse-clip or no-fuse kits. Call of the Dead Hunt.

GE BuyLog — Section 9: Disconnect Switches and Operating

General Purpose Control Mfg: GEPQ pages Our new format in this latest edition allows for maximum convenience and access to the information you need to serve your customers. The door interlock is defeatable with a small tool to allow authorized access.

Ground fault indicator will protrude when system is tested or when actual ground fault occurs. It is gw five-digit, non-resettable counter, which is actuated each time the switch is opened by any means.

The ampere switch, being 3 inches wider, may require some modification.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. For remote closing, the remote close solenoid must be ordered separately. Buylogg module provides a visual, mechanical pop-out target, which protrudes through the face of the switch door when it operates. Breakers supplied tess lugs with end covers.

Later models may or may not use A phase sensors. The bell alarm response is configurable by means of rearmounted DIP switches on the control unit. GE Fastrac Program is one of the broadest, fastest quick-ship programs in the marketplace. Contact us at RexelPRO, or your local branch for price and availability. Revpt 1 pages. FP suffix indicates thai all AFP filler plates. Kits consist of lugs and hardware for direct mounting to switch terminal straps multiple-hole tang lugs or lugs for mounting to ampere terminal adapter kit.


Non-automatic levers for all breakers.

GE Aftermarket Catalog

GEPN pages. Buylog Components and Equipment Mfg: The key interlock extends a lever through the padlock hasp when the key is turned to buylo key removal or bolt extended position. Buylog Components and Equipment. These switches are percent rated and can interrupt, on a make and break basis, a minimum of 12 times their nameplate rating without fuse assistance at Vac.

Shunt Trip with Lockout Module The shunt trip with lockout is identical to the regular shunt trip, but when energized, it will also prevent closure of an “open” switch by mechanically blocking both manual and electrical closing.

Use of third-point latch recommended for doors 40 inches or longer. Order three kits for three-pole line or load end.

Order from pages or

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