‘There’s one thing about being in an organisation of spies – news gets around fast .’ (p) This is another belting thriller from Bagley; man. All about The Enemy by Desmond Bagley. Desmond Bagley seems to have been a writer that I have overlooked which seems strange as I . Haiku summary . Creagor is the main evil character of the story. He uses the power he is given by the government to earn more power. He is reckless and.

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Over the radio came Larry’s voice: What are your plans? Don’t do it for me, do it for Penny.

Finally they started to walk out of town, towards the forest. You are commenting using your Facebook account. At half-past ten that morning Ashton came out and walked towards the centre of the city.

Let me tell you how I got into this. It won’t be much of a weekend for you, I’m afraid. I could also see that Ashton was now carrying a gun in a pocket under his arm, but I could hardly ask him about that.

They would have wasted a lot of time on me if I hadn’t. Genetic engineering Typically thorough Bagleyesque explanation of the state of genetics in the mids, what genes are, how phagocytes are used to carry snippets of DNA etc, and the risk of it all going wrong, of creating virulent new viruses and diseases.


Zummary women do all the cooking all the time, even after they’ve come back from a full day’s work. Four weeks went by like this – a boring time for all of us, and Cutler began to complain that his men were wasting their time. But Ashton concentrated on his business, and gradually the officials from the government lost interest in what he was doing.

A witness saw a dark blue Ford Cortina parked near Ashton’s house on Saturday afternoon. When I had finished, he lit a cigarette and said, ‘All right.

He looked very surprised and demanded, ‘What are you doing here? We’ll probably never know.

The Enemy Summary and Analysis (like SparkNotes) | Free Book Notes

I knew something was worrying Daddy. They did not know that they were being watched by two Russian agents looking in other shop windows.

The cases which Ashton and Benson had taken to Sweden had also been sent back. Well, I don’t think they’re sumjary at all. I looked at the computer screen.

I’ll need your signature on eenmy papers. But in these circumstances I think I have to show it to you.

We have the fingerprints from the car. One evening we had dinner at my flat.


The Enemy by Desmond Bagley (1977)

But Ogilvie did not want that. You were investigating him. Cregar’s special interest was in biological and chemical weapons. I’ll let you have eight. Your loving father George I looked up. That was ‘Level Green’. She thought the car had broken down and went over to offer to help.

Same goes for his extensive knowledge of computers demonstrated by his technically precise descriptions of:. Gillian’s condition improved a little and the doctors managed to save about a quarter of her eyesight. On the day of the auction I went to the Ashtons’ house near Marlow. It wasn’t easy; there are other people who don’t want our department to be in charge of Ashton’s case. Michaelis, Brent and Henty went to have breakfast in the hotel at half-past seven.

The Enemy by Desmond Bagley | LibraryThing

Either I get to see Level Purple tomorrow or I resign. You know the problem, and its limits. Why had Ashton run away? At first he took a job in a shop, but this quickly bored him.

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