PDF | On Jan 1, , D. Sandu and others published Dezvoltare comunitară și regională. Authors and Editors. Dumitru Sandu at University of Bucharest. PDF | On Jan 1, , Dumitru Sandu and others published Practica dezvoltarii comunitare, PDF | On Jan 1, , Dumitru Sandu and others published Practica reflexiva in dezvoltarea comunitara.

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This is a paper on understanding youth migration as strategic behaviour. Political change, ideology and migration intentions, more. Pentru o aplicatie a indicelui vezi analiza asupra relatiei dintre dezvoltarea si marimea demografica a regiunilor de rang 2.

Fenomenul comisiilor paralele in atestarea universitara, more. The pattern of the relations between the variables of the state of development in departments considered either as a whole or under the aspect of their rural or urban communities is the starting point for the study of the influence of these states on the social phenomena.

Cateva precizari tehnice, in continuare incluse si in fereastra de comentarii asupra datelor pentru fiecare dintre fisierele in format sav: Responsabilitatea pentru proiectarea instrumentelor prin care au fost culese datelepentru validarea si interpretarea lor, precum si pentru modul de construire a unor indici derivati, imi revine in intregime sau in foarte mare masura.

Dumitrru migration strategies are more and more adopted in the context of poverty increase sandi the country, globalization and constitution of international migration networks. What are the social roots of the migration process for the Romanian youth of today? Population Research and Policy Comuhitara.

Tipuri sociale ale tranzitiei in Romania. Participare locala, more. It became more and more obvious the fact that the target of the actions in the area should be churches, houses and community, with community as the primary component of support. Human Capital in Regional Development, more. Due to the multidimensional character of development and the ambiguity of many social indicators, we had to elaborate a specific frame of reference including theoretical and methodological premises of the research on territorial social development.


Dumitru Sandu (Author of Spatiul Social Al Tranzitiei)

Starting from the same data we use for this study, there was formulated the hypothesis of the existence of four socioterritorial types: Despre explorare in mentalitatile actuale more. Reform and Migration Attitudes, more. Strainatatea in mentalitatile urbane, more.

This paper presents and explains the migration motivations and behaviour of young age 16—35 years Romanians. For the first case see details at http: Romania rural-neagricola azi, more. Preluat si pe Contributors. Housing Sociology in times of change.

A Sociological Approach on Romania, Madrid: At dezvoltard same time, the interview, at least in my perception, considered also the challenges for re-starting the descentralisation-regionalisation reform today.

Migratia circulatorie ca strategie de viata, more. A theoretical model of social reproduction processes in spatial setting is worked out in order Fisierul contine valorile IDSL pentru de localitati.

Practica dezvoltarii comunitare: Prefata () | Dumitru Sandu –

Immigration and Public Agenda. Community SsnduIdeologyand Local Participation. This is an alternative view of the standard approach to remittances as a Sadnu youth through the lances of this methodology proved to be closer to Latvian and Slovakian youth on some dimensions and on Irish youth on the basis of other criteria that are detailed in the presentation.


By reference to this last criterion it is useful to distinguish the foliowing types; a clusters of neighbouring departments related by significant streams of migration, b clusters of neighbouring or distant departments located in the same historical region or in culturally similar ones and having a comunitarw function of pulling migrants from remoted places and c clusters of departments with similar profiles of development gravitating round the same pulling migration center.

Introducing an Atlas by Contextualization more.

Data file in sav zipped format includes cases that are farm households. Editor Farm survey in Romania, more. Farm Survey 4.

Baze de date/ Data Basis

Romanian Diaspora and Diaspora voting. Valori si tipuri sociale in Romania. These distinctions are adequate to characterise every type of social reproduction.

Romanian Journal of Sociology,XI. Six types of stability-mobility result from combining migration intentions with the number of returns in the country.

The Romanian youth is considered in a multiple comparisons approach. The interview was delivered some hours before the starting of the large protest of members of Romanian diasporas in Bucharest, on August Cinci pasi spre diaspora. Two of them “Inhabitant of the Status Space” and “The Entrepreneurial Elite” identify the main actors of reforms in relation to the new social structure and entrepreneurship of Romanian society in transition.

Pentru forma finala a acestui materialadoptat ca de catre Consiliul National de Etica CNE drept Ghid pentru identificarea plagiatului, la sfarsitul anuluivezi siteul institutiei la

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