: David Goodis: Five Noir Novels of the s & 50s (LOA #): Dark Passage / Nightfall / The Burglar / The Moon in the Gutter / Street of No. Nightfall could easily have been adapted for Hitchcock. The novel by David Goodis follows Jim Vanning as he hides out in New York City. In Nightfall (), David Goodis explores the theme of the innocent pursued, as artist Jim Vanning becomes accidentally embroiled in a violent robbery and.

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Where his colleagues are mere thugs with a sideline in sadism, John is almost a gentle person, whose dreams are of living with his girl on a remote Caribbean island and who takes any opportunity to wax philosophical about his worldview. And he had found her one night with nightfqll of them in her room.

David Goodis: Nightfall (LOA eBook Classic) | Library of America

Fraser doesn’t want to arrest Vanning until he knows he can recover the money, but his doubts about Vanning’s guilt haunt him because the evidence is probably sufficient to send Vanning to the electric chair. I think my opinions are web-worthy. I can’t nighrfall remember dagid about the three or four novels contained therein, beyond that I was impressed by what I read. This is a short novel, with almost everything by way of description pared down to the minimum.

Playing for the Ashes. First, his terse, bare bones writing style, this in close tandem with his incredibly intuitive depiction of thought processes, conscious and subconscious: The green of the hotel room, the orange carpet, or maybe it wasn’t orange – it could have nibhtfall purple, a lot of those colors could have been other colors – but the one color about which there was no mistake was black.


This’ll be my last book review for a while, I’m guessing, as I’m starting the latest installment of William T. I thought nobody could beat Charles Willeford at this game.

Night Fall was his second novel nighffall has many of the expected ingredients of the pulp or noir novel, but they are never pulled into a satisfying shape. Archived Entry Post Date: And then you have the other criminals who are dvaid Vanning.

He behaves foolishly and can’t understand why. David Goodis —a former pulp, radio, and Hollywood script writer, is now recognized as a leading author of crime fiction. It goes like this: Maigret and the Reluctant Witnesses.

Nightfall by David Goodis | : Books

It’s a different approach having a hero admit to being afraid and yet mildly snarky because he “thought it was fun”. What is going on is gradually revealed in rather a clever fash Being a big fan of James M.

Some of these items ship sooner than the others. What an astonishing little jewel of a book this is. Crime Mysteries Noir Mysteries. Worrying about being found by the men who took him prisoner at gunpoint. Goodis serves up big, strong James Vanning as the ultimate victim of circumstances.

A surprisingly easy escape turns into a series of low-key jobs until he turns up in Manhattan and rebuilds his portfolio. These are the pieces, but there is quite a bit of figuring and unraveling to be done to figure out just how things went down.


But now those three hoods are following Vanning as well This all resolves, in fact, but the delicious sensation of the ambiguity lingers. See all 10 reviews.

The resolution is satisfying, although perhaps too bright for a true noir tale. Characters reappear with a dreamlike hightfall. He thinks, he investigates while giving us free access to how he’s considering what should happen next.


It concerns two characters. What’s with the back-and-forth with the cab driver? Jan 30, Rebecca McNutt rated it nibhtfall liked it Shelves: May 25, Kathy Davie rated it really liked it Shelves: Apr 07, Tony rated it liked it Shelves: It just doesn’t blow you away like his fifties stuff does.

Showing of 10 reviews. It’s only at Nightfall that he feels safe to leave, but not safe enough to sleep. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

He draws those characters credibly, and though they sometimes lapse into s tough-guy talk when they speak, there’s something genuinely flawed and tragic and moving about them. Screenplay by Sterling Silliphant. He was in the navy during the war.

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