Saboteur has ratings and 63 reviews. Lyn said: Darth Maul as agent of chaos. Elric would be Luceno’s novella, Darth Maul: Sabote. Star Wars Darth Maul – Saboteur. By James Luceno. Nearly every world in the Videnda sector had something to recommend it — warm saline seas, verdant. Book Description When The Phantom Menace debuted in May , its most popular character was the double-lightsaber-wielding Darth Maul, the centerpiece.

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When he does, he ends up chasing them so that he can kill the two of them before they can reveal the information in the Holocron to the Jedi Order.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. The author for some reason really makes the character dull and he daboteur flat out made the story boring. Bondara agrees to keep Oolth’s death a secret from the Jedi Order until they find Oolth’s body to confirm his death. Jedi action is almost boring to read at in comparison, even if there is action involved, because you just know that Maul will win.

My only gripe about Saboteur was that it was not long enough! The story has poor development and the overall result of the plot meaningless. I much more prefer longer novels.

Darth Maul: Saboteur – Wikipedia

A dazzling new short story featuring Darth Sabogeur, merciless apprentice of evil. Palpatine lies that he will give the Holocron to the Council and sends Pavan to a hospital, since, just as he is taking the Holocron from Maul, Pavan has his arm cut off by the Sith Lord.

Sadly this story is part of the star wars of my generation, and the word “original” does not apply to it anymore. I believe that makes it a “novelette,” which is a term I don’t hear very often. That’s fine given the length.

Real-world sabotuer Legends eBooks Legends short stories Short stories republished with novels. Saboteur acts as a prologue to Michael Reaves – Darth Maul: There, his unique gifts of deception and subterfuge will set off an sabofeur c A dazzling new saboteeur story featuring Darth Maul, merciless apprentice of evil.


There, his unique gifts of deception and subterfuge will set off an explosive chain of events that could destroy both companies, leaving them ripe for takeover by the Trade Federation. He makes great effort not to leave lightsaber marks on any of his victims. He meets secretly with his Neimoidian contacts in the Trade Federation to plan the blockade of the planet Naboo. As a prequel to Cloak of Deceptionit features in addition to Darth Maul many of the same characters and locations as the novel, including the planets Dorvalla and Eriadu, local governor Tarkin and various members of the Trade Federation, etc.

Coupled with this story, I also read the short story of “Restraint”, also by Luceno, which further delved into Maul’s personality as a young man. Hopefully I can save a few people some time if they are trying to find this story. That’s not something that all e-book formats allow. I personally prefer a paper darh of a book, but I appreciate that Del Rey is making a move into e-book territory. Shadow Hunter redirects here. Saboteue using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Saboteur: Star Wars Legends (Darth Maul) (Short Story)

As with all of Luceno’s books, it expertly written, grabbing your attention and holding it until the very end. Anything about Maul is good. Please check back soon. There are some cool moments, but it is not a terribly exciting read. However, we see the crafty and secretive side of Maul.

There, she must pick up a former Black Sun employee named Oolth the Fondorian who is willing to trade information about the recent reorganization in the upper ranks dartg the criminal syndicate in exchange for protection by the Jedi Order. Specifically, the mood and feel of the SW universe. I wasn’t expecting much from this short story but was pleasantly surprised by what James Luceno has accomplished with “Saboteur”.

And also when the hunger for new and original SW material was so hard to satisfy. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Neither rival suspects that they are central to a sinister plot masterminded by Darth SidiousLord of the Sithhimself. Pulling out a Star Sablteur e-book while on a business trip or traveling might be a very convenient thing.


As it was, I just suddenly began realizing some of the connections partway through when Tarkin makes a brief appearance, and I remembered that Luceno wrote that other novel as well. Maul executes Monchar for this treachery against Sidious by decapitating him with his lightsaberand sets off to find Pavan and I-Five.

Unfortunately, drath she does find Oolth, the ship they were supposed to travel in is damaged by raiding thugs who try to kill Darsha and Oolth. Freighter Gunship Immobilizer cruiser Shuttle.

After a large explosion which Darsha enacted, thus sacrificing herself, Darth Maul can sense no life in the warehouse and believes all of his targets are dead. You saobteur that if the Sith remained hidden for hundreds of years, then they must be masters of stealth. But as a piece of the huge puzzle that is the SW saga, it is worth reading.

Key to his scheme are the Neimoidians of the Trade Federation. Refresh and try again. Some time before the events of Episode I, Darth Sidious begins his political maneuvering and setting up pawns for the eventual blockade of Naboo. Hundreds of years of Sith planning, staying hidden while they pull on this string and that string, gradually A quick, page short story about Darth Maul sent out to sabotage two mining companies on a distant planet.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He is in few scenes and all he does is lurk in shadows, skulk around and then does nothing else. Apr 21, Darryl Dobbs rated it really liked it.

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