Note: OpenStax College electronic edition. Link: multiple formats at Stable link here: ? key. College Physics has 15 ratings and 1 review. In the new Second Edition of College Physics, Peter Urone succeeds in carrying out several goals: to convey.. . College Physics. (34 reviews). Multiple Authors, Openstax College. Pub Date: ISBN Publisher: OpenStax. Language: English.

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A PDF file of each chapter can also be created.

Again no problems here. There is gender diversity, but it does seem to favor males. This concept is necessary to derive the kinematic equations. I was surprised at the how well this book comparer to what we are currently using. The analytical aspect problem solving is tied back to the concept before moving on to another topic. I highly recommend OpenStax’s College Physics book to all instructors of introductory physics courses.

I love the introduction. The readability of the pdf version of the book approaches zero.

College Physics

But the text is very male centric I noticed on a second look. Comments I would recommend this text for all instructors of introductory physics as it represents a huge savings for most students without sacrificing quality. I plan to recommend a pilot of this text in the upcoming spring semester. Comments I would like to congratulate the authors on their selfless achievement.

The brief nature of the text allows instructors to supplement more easily, though that is more work possibly, depending on the amount of supplementation the instructor feels is necessary. The index and glossary are appropriate and error free.


Colege rated it it was amazing Jun 20, A fine piece of software. A comma here and there probably personal preferencenothing major found so far, but I haven’t read the text cover to cover. If updates are needed, I believe they can be easily inserted. The textbook is very comprehensive, covering all topics in a typical two-semester algebra-based introductory physics coruse.

Return to Book Page. This book follows the standard flow of material that works well in physics, and material is properly tied together. Most sections have their own problem-solving strategies, PhET Interactive simulations, and at the end of each chapter, we can find its glossary and section summary.

This text has even more detail in those areas than other texts that I have been using. I did not notice any inconsistencies between or within chapters. There is an Appendix A: On the pdf version and the print version the glossary and problems are at the end of each chapter. And such additions can be done easily, often by adding a late chapter or two, or adding to an existing chapter. The section even starts with an image on the topic so students will think it’s an important concept that must be memorized.

As a STEM educator, a books pedagogy is highly relevant in my practice: The poor things will have heart attacks. Most other physics textbooks provide a rating for each end-of-chapter question I, II, III as a rough estimate of the question’s difficulty.

College Physics by Paul Peter Urone

I’ve never been a huge fan of the prime ‘ notation for anything other than the derivative. OpenStax has done a very good job in reviewing their material, and as such I have found no errors within the text as I have used it.


The flow of the book is no better or worse that any other book on the market. The framework is predictable and easy to follow.

Chapters combine appropriate sections in the proper order. The equations were legible, although the bitmap images of them looked a little crude. Looking for beautiful books? It took me some time to get used to the style in which this book is written.

The book is interfaced pretty well, with bookmarks necessaryand the hyperlinks I tested worked. The bars over average variables sit high. They should not be. I think College Physics does a great service to teachers and students with modularity.

Text uses it for the quantity “some time later”; in Ch. I like the example problems that look like experiments and the suggestions for PhET simulations. Comments I was surprised at the how well this book comparer to what we are currently using. I found this text easy to read and collwge enticing. Genesis Luigi rated it it was amazing Nov 16, Urone uses a four-part example and problem-solving mechanism to improve students’ skills in solving problems, as well as understanding underlying concepts.

The structure of the text is fairly consistent with the usage of terms, examples, chapter and subchapter heading and divisions.

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