The Chroma A W and A W electronic load mainframes accept the user-installable A series load modules for easy system configuration. user can perform on line voltage measurement controlled instructions via RS- C or GPIB The Chroma W and W electronic load. File, CHROMA Series, , Mainframes X, Operation Share technical documentation including product manuals, getting started guides, and.

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A/A Mainframe Rack Mount Kit: Chroma – Test Equipment Accessories and Cables

Application of Specific Load Simulation The A load modules operate in constant current, constant voltage, constant power or constant resistance to satisfy a wide range of test requirements.

LA 1 Contents Introduction In addition, the remote control commands will be compatible between the and the A series without needing to re-writing any remote control programs. The output signal is proportional to measured frequency and is either load independent DC Current or load independent DC Voltage.

Easy programming More information. The line fuses will If any value is over the maximum of low range, you must select the high range.

Chroma DC Electronic Load Mainframe With Manual O1 | eBay

Up to 8 channels for one Mainframe. Because some Load has two channels in one module, channel 1 and 2 are always uwer the farthest left slot of the Mainframe, and channel 7 and 8 on the farthest right. For start and stop sinking current refer to Figure and separately.

Once a channel is selected or addressed, all subsequent commands go to that channel till another channel is selected or addressed. The other is the Load keypad. Control by Key means pressing SHORT and holding it to enable mabual circuit, and releasing it to return to normal operation. Be sure that your outlet is of three-conductor type with the correct pin connected to earth ground. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.


If you have not done thus, Load will shut down, or fuse for remote controller in Mainframe will be broken. In addition, up to sets of system operating status can be stored in EEPROM and recalled instantly for automated testing applications.

It will also show the user how to More information. Remove any packing materials from the Mainframe.

Operation & Programming

The Load module will display rev when reverse voltage protection chgoma. The Mainframe can dissipate up to watts when it is full loaded. Slew rate determines the rate at which Use standard anti-static work practices when you handle and install modules.

The Load module also executes a self-test that checks firmware and communication with Mainframe. The RH measures and displays Temperature, More information. R C- 63 em otn rl. An error will occur when data are over the maximum or minimum value Constant Current Mode Figure Constant Current Mode In CC mode, the Load will sink a current in accordance with the programmed value regardless of input voltage. They will remain set till they are reset.

All of the 63114 segments on the front panel are momentarily activated. The maximum jser reverse current is the same as the rated current of Load. To prevent the load current change caused by the input voltage variation, the power source impedance should be as low as possible, and remote sensing cable must be used to sense load input voltage when high sink current low setting resistance is programmed.


The unit has been factory set to the correct line voltage. Plug the load module into the slot of the Mainframe along the rail. Support for Your Product About this Manual We ve added this manual to the Agilent website in an effort to help you support your product. This chroka it ideal for testing. Because of the limit, the actual transition time is longer than the expected time based on the slew rate. Click here to unsubscribe.

Chroma assumes no liability for secondary charges or consequential damages and in any event, Chroma’s liability for breach of warranty under any contract or otherwise, shall not exceed the purchase price of the specific instrument shipped and against which a claim is made.

Chroma A Programmable Electronic Load integrates microprocessor capabilities into each load module and manuwl to provide simple and accurate parallel operation to optimize the speed and control among multiple load modules. The GPIB interface of the electronic load is optional. The low range is used for input voltage in low voltage range while the high range for input voltage over low voltage range.

Details of local operation are given in Chapter 4 Local Operation. At this moment channel 2 and 4 are empty Mainframe has only four channels 1, 2, 3, 4.

It allows you to simulate various test conditions. Click your language below in order to download your digital Chroma manual in PDF format and access. All specifications are subject to change.

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