PMP Sample Test Questions. (correct answers are bolded). 1. An accepted deadline for a project approaches. However, the project manager realizes only 75%. [Updated ] List Of Free Mock PMP Exam Questions W/w [For The CertChamp CAPM 5th Edition Exam Kit. . Book File Type: PDF;. 5th Edi Book file PDF. file 5th Edition Pmp Pmbok Practice Exam W Solutions Project Risk Comprehensive Exam Questions And Detailed Explanations That Will Ensure Your Success At The. PMP CertChamp: Certification Champion On PMP, CAPM, SCJP. . General Psychology File Type Pdf; Grade.

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This work will affect the budget, but not the schedule of the project. Question – A friend of yours approaches you seeking advice. Risk prioritization occurs in Quantitative Risk Analysis. A product description defines the requirements for the contract work D.

Simple A is the correct answer.

CertChamp : Certification Champion on PMP, CAPM, SCJP, SCWCD, OCA

So you have not avoided the risk. Project Sponsor is responsible for managing the quality of deliverables C. Forecasts are future projections while risk register deals with risks which are not the right options.

Activity Identifier D is the correct answer. This filetyoe tests your knowledge about contracts and procurement.

This is not a case of Risk avoidance either – so the correct answer is Risk Mitigation – option A. Ciletype the change procedure and ask to submit a request for change is the best giletype. Achievement is more important than material or financial reward. Option A,B and C are not the correct answer as they are the opposite of belief in employees – they indicates lack of trust in an employee which is not a correct assumption in the Theory Y style of management.

While the sponsor can aid in identifying key stakeholders – the key area a sponsor plays a part is in providing funding. However next week your lead qquestions reports about inadequate time being spent by the same person in office. Ensure contract is satisfying the needs of the project C.


Perform Quality Control C. Allow team members to change the activity C. So the correct answer is Option B.

Communication Management Plan D. In Standardized Organization D. The scenario explained above is typical of a balanced matrix organization where power resides equally distributed between the functional and project manager. Forget it and don’t tell anyone.

Pricing objectives in marketing pdf

This is an example of: Make sure that the scope baseline and schedule baseline are updated to reflect the approved change before implementing the change. Employee motivation is not achievable – employees must be forced to get things done C. Schedule Management Plan C. You now need to provide an estimate of the cost of the project based on this data – what estimation technique is most applicable in such a scenario?

The scope statement was ambiguous leading to this D. The project is behind schedule and over budget B.

Pricing objectives in marketing pdf

Question – 53 You have been asked to provide Cost estimates for a project which would be responsible for the complete electrical installation in warehouses. Used to get formal sign off from clients D. A similar project was executed by your company and you decide to use the past projects historical data to come up with your estimates.

Question – 71 You and your team are planning out the work to be done. Publish Work Performance Reports D. The question states that we have qkestions to uniquely tag each identified activity – which is nothing but Activity Identifier. Inform your company regarding the conflict of interest and let selection of seller happen with no prejudice D is the correct answer. The point of total assumption is the point at which the seller has consumed all the fees and will now bear the costs.


Due to some internal and external organizational changes at the client end three new stakeholders have been added with whom you need to communicate with.

Considering cross located teams and difference in cultures involved the qiestions choice of communication in this case would be formal and written. Question – 90 Your project activity float is negative It is also necessary to document the corrective and preventive actions taken in historical data as this can serve as a good input for subsequent projects.

Which of the two paths is the Critical Path?

Shows the relationship between Cost and Quality C is the correct answer. Avoid the risk C. Gold plating is done intentionally or knowingly for some strategic purpose. As the project is at an early state – where the detailed requirements are not yet available – this is the best technique suited to come to an early estimate – though it may not be very accurate.

Ask the person responsible about the difference. It is used for comparing actual work against the baselines A is the correct answer. T and M contract D.

Transferring the risk D. None of the above B is the correct answer. All of the above are correct – except option A – since Hiring Costs have nothing to do with Cost of Quality.

Perform root cause analysis to identify problemstheir cause and potential response D.

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