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However, volumes of sinful activity can be burned to ashes simply by a dim reflection of maehya chanting of Your holy name. I can surely understand this fact.

Thus He executed His last pastimes in three ways. At night He performed congregational chanting there. His Divine Grace A.

This period, calculated by the lunar months, is called Caturmasyabut others also observe Caturmasya according to the solar month from Sravana to Kartika. The caihanya purpose behind the vow taken during these four months is to minimize the quantity of sense gratification.

Let the power of Your mercy be exhibited throughout the entire universe! Please be merciful and show us Your favor.

Caturmasya should madjya observed by all sections of the population. Plainly hear us, O merciful one. Who can understand the purport of such pastimes?

After this, madyha Lord embraced both of them and requested all of the devotees present to be merciful upon them and deliver them. There were various birds chirping, and the water was exactly like nectar. The two brothers got up, and again taking straw between their teeth, they humbly offered their prayers with folded hands. We wish that these lotus feet may also be awakened within our hearts, although we are only ordinary persons engaged in household caritamrt.


Just to indicate those pastimes, I am presenting a general survey of the chief pastimes in the form of a synopsis. By His blessings, you will attain victory everywhere.

Lord Caitanya ‘s mind was thus pacified by the ecstasy of the chanting. Sometimes He laughed, and sometimes He cried; sometimes He danced, and sometimes He chanted in great sorrow. When the devotees followed Him, He humbly begged them to remain and bade them all farewell. caitwnya

Category:Sri Caitanya-caritamrta – Madhya-lila Chapter 19

Indeed, our activities are exactly like those of the meat-eaters. Raising His arms, the Lord asked everyone to chant loudly the vibration of the holy name of Lord Hari. No one knows My intentions. We cannot understand such characteristics in Your behavior. That is also a period of four months.

When they saw Him, all their unhappiness and lamentation disappeared. He manifested His causeless mercy, pure love of God, to everyone, including the lowest man. One should not eat fish or other nonvegetarian food during the month of Kartika.

I offer my humble obeisances unto Them.

The Lord remained unconscious until the afternoon, when He finally regained His consciousness. We are more degraded, fallen and sinful than they. The two brothers submitted, “Dear Lord, You have incarnated to deliver the fallen souls.


Now please hear the pastimes the Lord performed during the last twelve years. He assured the King that whatever occurred in his mind could be considered evidence.

Similarly, masura dhal and urad dhal are also considered nonvegetarian. Therefore, in order to teach you, I sent you one verse, which reads as follows. There is no doubt about it. Seeing the Lord, everyone became joyful out of love.

Sri Caitanya Caritamrta Madhya-lila Chapter 16 Verse 65

Almost no one could understand the meaning of that verse. When the Lord heard the humble petition made by the people, His heart softened.

Kindly depart from this place. Now, O devotees, please hear a brief explanation of this verse. The Lord traveled all over India for six years.

Category:Sri Caitanya-caritamrta – Madhya-lila Chapter 23

Msdhya the Lord visited, crowds of innumerable people came to see Him. The final pastimes of the Lord, occurring in His last twenty-four years, are called madhya [middle] and antya [final]. Only upon his orders am I trying to chew the remnants of food that he has left.

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