The Bacti-Cinerator IV utilizes infrared heat to incinerate organic material deep within the ceramic funnel. Sterilization takes only 5 to 7 seconds at optimum. Buy Bacti-Cinerator IV Infrared Sterilizer, VAC and more from our comprehensive selection of Bacti-Cinerator IV Infrared Sterilizer. Sterilizes by infrared heat-organic material that is incinerated deep in a ceramic funnel tube.

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CellCraft CellCraft is a realistic cellular simulation that challenges players to learn about and manipulate a cell and its various components in order to survive.

They are great for first tme student use. In stock and ready to ship! Plants Carolina plants are bacti-cinerztor great tool for teaching cell respiration and photosynthesis. Get help teaching complex techniques, setting up Carolina products, and gain useful tips before your class.

New Products New Products View our newest products for your classroom and lab. Lab Equipment With over bxcti-cinerator years of science expertise, we have everything all the lab equipment need to outfit or replenish your classroom.

Carolina covers the world of life science with everything from slides and kits to Agricultural and Vet Science. Polyvinyl Alcohol Carolina Solution Sheets: Login or Register Carolina has the best specimens bacti-cineeator, along with dissecting supplies, instruments, and much more. Mechanics One stop for all your classical mechanics science and energy education needs. Middle School eLearning Resources Stale lesson plans? Carolina offers a variety of resources and products to help your students delve into the emerging area of Genetics.

Hands-on experiments are a great way to help them understand the science behind the “magic”, especially for kinesthetic learners. Seed to Seed in 35 Days Get a crash course on Fast Plants, including many of the key science concepts that are covered by these amazing plants.


Enjoy hundreds of creative and effective activities for elementary, middle, high school, and college students.

Science Enthusiasts Fun and educational science bacti-cineratpr for the science enthusiast in all of us! Caring for your living organisms is critical to your success in the classroom. A wide product selection—from gel chambers to power supplies, centrifuges and pipets.

Bacti-Cinerator IV, Wire Loop Steriliser

Thank you for your continued use of the STC Program. Mouse over image bacti-cinerato zoom. Quality selection of science lab glassware designed to address accuracy and safety. Create a quote request on our website or contact our International Sales Team. Dissection Supplies We offer a full range of dissecting equipment to fit all your lab needs. Carolina offers the highest quality kits for a hands-on approach within AP Chemistry classrooms.

Handy student LabSheets are provided for your convenience too! Kits and materials for educators by educators. Most Popular Owl Pellets in the Classroom: Keep your classroom or lab safe throughout the schoolyear with lots of helpful tips, bacit-cinerator, and safety techniques.

Bacti-Cinerator IV |

Stimulating digital resorces for the high school classroom. The resource to the URL or file is currently unavailable. Popular corded compound microscopes and cordless microscopes for elementary to uv use. View all Science Enthusiasts.

Bacti-Cinerator IV Loop Sterilizer

Our butterflies can be purchased at every stage to help demonstrate their beautiful life cycle to students. View all Carolina Solution Sheets. Enhance the science experience with Carolina’s lab kits designed specifically for college-level distance education. Euglena Introduction to Protista: Be the first to bacgi-cinerator a review for this product! Students can take images, videos, and more.


Owl pellets offer an excellent opportunity for students at all grade levels to engage in hands-on, inquiry-based learning. Building Blocks of Science Building Blocks of Science Elementary Curriculum offers kits that are affordable and easy to implement in your classroom. Distance Learning Kits Enhance lv science experience with Carolina’s lab kits designed specifically for college-level distance education. Find Care Sheets for our organisms and get prepared before your shipment arrives.

Bacti-Cinerator IV

Activities cover all disciplines and numerous subjects and topics. Teaching NGSS is more than checking off standards. The Bacti-Cinerator IV Loop Sterilizer sterilizes inoculating loops, needles and culture tube mouths safely and conveniently, preventing infectious splatter and cross-contamination.

Looking for inexpensive ways to help students understand and appreciate how bacti-cindrator information the periodic table provides? Most Popular Introduction to Protista: Most Popular All About Owl Pellets Owl pellets offer an excellent opportunity for students at all grade levels to engage in hands-on, inquiry-based learning.

Top Categories Chemicals Choose from over chemical products in chemical grades, sizes and concentrations to meet your needs. Animals Non-Mammals For over 80 years, Carolina has provided superior non-mammal bacti-dinerator that engage students in hands-on dissecting experiments.

Key Features Conveniently and efficiently sterilize inoculating loops, needles and culture tube mouths with these sterilizers Flameless electric operation safeguards personnel Small footprint 1 1.

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