2 Health Systems in Transition. Reinhard Busse • Miriam Blümel World Health Organization (acting as the host Arzneimittelpreisverordnung. Pharmazeutische Unternehmer und Apotheker sind gesetzlich verpflichtet, den Krankenkassen einen Preisnachlass für jede verordnete Arzneimittelpackung zu . Aktuelle Beschlüsse zu Arzneimittel-Festbeträgen. ; ; Stellungnahmeverfahren (Anpassung) vom

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Since the most recent reform, this applies to hospital physicians as well as to private practitioners and other healthcare professionals. Whereas the past few years have shown significant improvement in the area of internal standard operating policies regulating in detail all kinds of promotional activities and interactions with healthcare professionals, the competent authorities and the relevant courts are increasingly focusing on another compliance-related aspect.

Under section arzneinittelpreisverordnung of the Data Protection Act, Germany will introduce a specific regulation concerning health, genetic data and biometric data use by private and public bodies.

Arzneimittelpreisverordnung (Ampreisv) (German, Paperback)

Further labelling regulations must also be observed, in particular the Narcotic Drugs Act see section As explained above in further detail, it extended criminal liability for corruptive practices to private practitioners. In principle, the above rules with respect to the offering and granting of gifts and other benefits to healthcare professionals also apply to medical institutions.

Exceeding the rate by more than 2. This is intended to ensure that when prescribing medical aids and other products, doctors are not influenced in their decisions by their own financial interests and do not benefit from issuing a prescription or from directing insured patients to certain service providers.

However, the provision of unilateral arzneimittelpreisverorxnung such as conference travel support to healthcare professionals remains under discussion.

Pharmaceutical Advertising | Germany | ICLG

The medicinal product, when used in accordance with arzneimittelprreisverordnung intended purpose, has harmful effects which exceed the limits considered tolerable in the light of current medical knowledge.

The same applies to indications or pharmaceutical forms which are not covered by the marketing authorisation off-label information. In relation to the manufacturing of investigational medicinal products, the requirements of good manufacturing practices must be met.

  LEY 24492 PDF

However, it may be difficult in practice to avoid unlawfully promoting such information. Also Found In Patents Product liability and safety. Otherwise, the comparison may be misleading and, therefore, unfair under the rules of the German Act against Unfair Competition. Advertising to healthcare professionals, including claims for use of a medicinal product, must contain the following mandatory information: The report must contain all of the results of the clinical trials, whether they are favourable or not.

This material is intended to give an indication of legal issues upon which you may need advice.

Persons insured with a statutory health insurance fund pay income-related contributions. The reimbursement is then paid directly to the pharmacist by a statutory health insurance company. The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices is normally not involved in the placing on the market of medical devices.

Increases in price may only be made with the consent of the Secretary of State. If you have any questions on this article or would like to propose a subject to be addressed by Synapse please contact us.

Startseite Entscheidungen Beschluss vom Moreover, additional wording has been included in Section 8 HWG: It is, however, recognised that a company may grant donations to medical institutions if these donations are made:.

Trial pre-conditions Trial pre-conditions include:. November einstimmig beschlossen: This is particularly the case if the medicinal product is not available on prescription, intended to treat a minor ailment or can be classified as a lifestyle medicinal product. Likewise, if the benefit granted to the physicians by providing the associated benefits is able to induce the prescription of the medicine, the package deal is prohibited subject to the new Sections a and b German Criminal Code.

However, the provision of such SOPs is advisable due to the general obligation to introduce appropriate rules arzneimittellpreisverordnung proceedings as part of the overall compliance organisation. There are no specific arzneimittelpreisverordnunf provisions in Germany which govern the cooperation between companies from the pharmaceutical industry and patient support groups. They can, in particular, prohibit the marketing of medicinal products or active substances, order their recall from the market, and seize them if certain conditions are met.


Contents of these red-hand letters can, for example, be warnings about previously unknown serious side effects or changes in the uses of the medicinal products. Member companies of the FSA may only provide assistance for the participation in such international events, provided that: Healthcare professionals may be involved in market research exercises relating to such marketing materials if it is ensured that the involvement cannot be deemed to circumvent arzneimittelpreisvegordnung against promoting unauthorised medicinal products or indications.

The Prices Regulations control the maximum price of prescription-only branded medicines supplied to the NHS.

For pharmaceuticals which are not listed on the reimbursement list of the social securities, the selling price ex works may be fixed without legal restrictions but has to be communicated to the Federal Ministry of Health. Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free. There are particularly stringent requirements as to the correctness, unambiguity and clarity of health-related advertising claims.

In general, such descriptions are permissible as far as they are necessary to provide for the relevant information to, e. Responding to such unsolicited questions regarding a specific medicinal product is not considered as promotion, but as company-related information. Intangible benefits can be obtaining an award, promoting career advancement or awarding honorary offices.

Mit dem offenen Wortlaut des Art. However, the question whether and to which extent customary cash discounts Skonti are permissible, has not been arzneimittelpreiscerordnung. When disclosing the data to the sponsor, the data must be anonymised according to internationally standardised encryption practices.

Monitoring compliance and imposing penalties Enterprises and facilities in which medicinal products are manufactured, tested, stored, packaged or placed on the market, or in which any other form of trade with them takes place, are subject to supervision by the competent authority section 64, Medicinal Products Act.

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