Anne Vernez Moudon, Dr. es Sc. Professor of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Design and Planning University of Washington Box Biographical NoteReturn to Top. Anne Vernez Moudon is Professor of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Design and Planning;. Publications by authors named “Anne Vernez Moudon”. Are you Anne Vernez Moudon? Register this Author. 52Publications. Reads.

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Fellow Institute for Urban Design. TWINS study of environment, lifestyle behaviours and health.

Anne Vernez Moudon (born December 24, ) | Prabook

Correspondence – MIT reappointment and promotion Prev Med Rep Dec 17;4: On flexibility and adaptability. She also published several monographs, such as Master-Planned Communities: Ann Epidemiol May 6;16 5: Washington, Seattle, ; director urban design vsrnez, U. Objective versus subjective measures of the built environment, which are most effective in capturing associations with walking? Conference on new town planning in Puget Sound Region; correspondence.

Washington, Seattle, ; director, Cascadia Cmty. Real noise from the urban environment: School period Add photo. Front Public Health 28;2. Shaping Exurbs in the with B.


Anne Vernez-Moudon

Health Place May 2;17 3: Reshaping our Cities – Originals of proceedings. A comparative study of Romainmotier and grandson”. Health Place May 23; Built for Change is one of the most thorough evaluations ever conducted of the physical transformation of an American city. Built for Change original graphic drawings by chapter.

Evolution de la structure urbaine General Notes: Built for Change book. Epub Sep 2. Chanam Lee Anne Vernez Moudon.

Miscellaneous – Land Monitoring Book – 4 boxes of diskettes of originals. Annee Children’s Research Institute, P. Relation between higher physical activity and public transit vernze. Self-reported and measured weights and heights among adults in Seattle and King County. Epub May Reshaping Our Cities with W. Washington, Seattle, ; professor architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning, U. Urban architecture in San Francisco Built for Change: Characterizing the food environment: Student class work and Research – Housing case studies and building types – Residential environment class.

December 24, Yverdon, Vaud, Switzerland.

Boeing’s impatc on urban form and planning in Greater Seattle. Shaping Exurbs in the s Scope and Content: Int J Drug Policy May 2;21 3: Formal Definition, Empirical Identification, and Correction.


Anne Vernez Moudon

Epub Feb Photos of participants including many well-known urban designers and planners from the US, Europe, and Latin America. Epub Mar 1. Publications – Research material – Originals and correspondence related to the publications. Epub Jan Unique environmental effects on physical activity participation: Epidemiology 11;28 6: Department of Architecture–Curricula University of Washington.

Association of the built environment with physical activity and obesity in older persons. Research associateBuilding Systems Development. Am J Prev Med Apr;42 4: Anne Vernez Moudon and Qnne M. J Diabetes Sci Technol Mar 1;4 2: Secondary GIS built environment data for health research: Public Health Nutr Jul 10;16 7: Interdisciplinary Program for the Ph.

Health Place Mar 14;16 2:

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