The Abduction Of Good King Despot has 1 rating and 1 review. Ken said: A fantastic tournament adventure with memorable encounters. While it is ostensibly . The Abduction of Good King Despot contains a page book, a page book and a map. The characters have to rescue a king from a puzzle dungeon. : The Abduction of Good King Despot (Gary Gygax’s Fantasy Master Game Accessory) () by Will Niebling; Schar Niebling; Russ.

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Maybe the reason Hassan had survived so long was her magical sword had the power to [steal life from her targets. Russ Stambaugh was a student at the University of Michigan and presumably a member of the MDG at the time this adventure was written, and later went on to a distinguished career outside of gaming as a psychologist and sex therapist. I have this adventure, bought it new. The kingdom has lost its benign, honest, and charitable ruler at least that’s what he said he was, and the dubious, tax-crippled citizens found it prudent to agree.

Fun comments over on Facebook in a link to this post: Trent June 23, at 9: And a party of brave adventurers will, of course, get the unenviable task of digging him out – perhaps even literally.

If excessively worn, they will be marked as “card worn. Please select a support frequency. Hmm, so Schar Niebling saw a link to this article on Facebook and wasn’t too impressed by it, saying it’s “amazing how many things [I] got wrong. The priestess has been known to carry two small golden statues that would be conjured into full grown beasts that would fight on her behalf. BTW, I’m fairly free throughout the summer so if there is a group of you that can agree on a time, I can usually accommodate.

Originally Posted by savoylen. PM me here or on the discord channel to reserve a spot calendar is disabled by sending your FG Name, email address, session time and preferred character if using a pregen recommended. Pre-gen use highly recommended.

Greek Africa, which could be used for everything from a Tarzan adventure to Isle of Dread play, but is so baduction to a given style that it ends up with a generic sheen, or sbduction thereof.


PM me or jump on our discord if you’d like in today! May show very small spine creases or slight corner wear. Every item in our inventory has been inspected, very strictly graded, and bagged for its protection.

The tone and feel reminds me a lot of Gary’s own Dungeonland and The Land Beyond the Magic Mirrorand I suspect is a fair representation of the mode of play in his Greyhawk Castle dungeons, before things became so serious.

Devious Rex – Devious is a sorcerer of no mean skill. Trent June adbuction, at 9: Don’t have an account yet? He speaks slowly and with an extremely restricted vocabulary – in fact, his only claim to fame in the brain department was that he has learned to spell abduciton own name in both ways – frontwards and backwards. Gary used to run it in a single session and was still running it as late asbut he used the original version, which was likely shorter than the published version – possibly including only the core encounters and not any of the red-herrings, which would definitely make it quicker, but would also lose some of the charm a lot of the red-herring rooms are really fun!

At some time in her past, she had formed a friendship with Grund, and there were many who scratched their head about this improbable association. Thorax – Thorax was extracted from the nearby coal pits to join this mission because of this great strength, his great skill with the way hammer and the fact that he had managed to retain seven of his fingers.

The Piazza

The Gem and the Staff. So we get a booklet of illustrations because that’s a visual signifier of retro-ness because old modules like S1, C1, and S3 had aabduction even though most of the illustrations are pointless and unnecessary many of them gold just portraits of the room’s monster that don’t convey any additional info beyond what’s in the boxed-textand we get a lot of apologetic “this is how things used to be” and “Ignax is a crazy wizard – don’t think about it too hard” asides in the text, and we probably get more “jokey” encounters like the Gnax Family portrait gallery and the talking goldfish than we otherwise would have.

He is powerful enough to assist the party without running the risk of disrupting the magical balance. Jing 23, at 6: It’s got seemingly everything he liked best in the game – it’s fast-moving, action-heavy, has a lot of clever puzzles to challenge the players’ problem-solving abilities, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. On the one hand it allowed the adventure to be published in its full “funhouse” glory instead of attempting to water it down to conform to then-contemporary tastes, but on the other it caused them to exaggerate the old-fashionedness and “wackiness” in a way that feels like they were making excuses, that kinv were trying to create an ironic distance from the material as a defense against criticism.


Slightly pedantic in manner and irritatingly immaculate in appearance at all times, Tinselwort’s preoccupation with abductkon coiffure often generated coarse and ribald remarks which the elf, blushing, tried her best to ignore. Board fo in this condition may be played but show little to no wear. But there is a core of good stuff in there, in my opinion.

The Abduction of Good King Despot (Gary Gygax Presents)

I don’t like gokd give too many abducttion about this adventure’s structure, because figuring out its logic is a big part of the challenge and fun of the adventure, but I’ll do so anyway skip the next, indented, paragraph if you don’t want to know: I supported becauseā€¦ “I’m hoping to turn into a magical BruSteve chimera.

The main fault I find is along the lines of what you say about it being vanilla.

The only drawback there deslot that as-published I’ve found it to be too long to play through in a single session. The premise of the adventure is that Good King Despot has been kidnapped by the insane wizard Ignax, who has set up the dungeon as a test for would-be rescuers. These will be provided before play despof. Only a group with imagination, intelligence, bravery, and an indomitable sense of humor will be able to restore the king to the arms of his loving wife.

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